What is the Best Card in Clash Royale? – Clash Royale Tier List

What is the Best Card in Clash Royale?

Wondering what cards are best in Clash Royale? Cards are the means of performing various tasks in Clash Royale, including the deployment of troops, buildings, and spells on the warzone. These cards can be attained through gold or gems from the shop and following are some of the best or the most useful cards in Clash Royale:

  • Valkyrie: Valkyrie can be regarded as having the highest health among all the 4 elixir troops. It also has a second highest damage rate among Dark Prince, Royal Ghost and Mega Knight.
  • Prince: Prince Card can prove to be very useful as it inflicts very serious damages towards the enemy and always try to avoid connecting this card to the tower.
  • Hog Rider: This mighty card particularly targets buildings and can also jump over the river.
  • Zap: Zap can be used to destroy Goblin gangs, Skeleton armies, minions and other swarms which appear your way.
  • Mega Knight: This card blows a heavy blow against the opponent and inflicts double damage by jumping from one enemy to another.
  • Inferno Dragon: This card helps players to shoot a beam of fire with a damage rate of 875 on level 9.

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Clash Royale Tier List

Clash Royale cards have been divided into 4 tier lists which are mentioned below:

  • A Tier: Among all the tiers, this one has the best cards.
  • B Tier: The cards in this tier can be considered second to the prior one, but still aid in inflicting heavy damages to the opponent.
  • C Tier: These cards aren’t that good but can prove to be useful under certain situations. 
  • D Tier: The cards in this tier are the worst and you must avoid these. 

Rare Cards in Clash Royale

Some of the rare cards in Clash Royale are:

  • Fireball: This card is very rare and versatile. It helps you damage the glass canons and bring down your enemy’s tower in the game.
  • Hog Rider and Giant: Both of these cards are very useful and you can use them to rush to the tower to find support, and bring insane damage. Hog Rider costs 4 elixirs and Giant costs 5 elixirs only.
  • Musketeer and Wizard: Both of these cards are very fundamental and the prior one is for 4 elixirs and the latter for 5 elixirs. These cards have low HP that’s why they can be considered more prone to Fireball.

Clash Royale Cards

Cards are a very essential element of Clash Royale and they serve some very important purposes like attacking opponents and deploying troops etc. Some of the most used cards in Clash Royale are Valkyrie, Fireball, Skeleton Army, Zap, The Log etc. Rare cards in Clash Royale include Musketeer and Wizard, Mega Minion, Rocket, Hog Rider and Giant, Fireball, Battle Ram etc.

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