Major Bugs in Minecraft 1.18 You Will Notice

There is no game without bugs and errors and Minecraft too, like all others surely contains many of them. Bugs can prove to be pretty annoying and can take away the interest of the players. Although the developers are trying to find ways to solve all these issues, the players will still have to cope up with these problems for quite some time. Also, some of the bugs have also provided a source of happiness for the players as for example, the shield not taking the damage.

Bugs in Minecraft 1.18

All the bugs in Minecraft 1.18 update


With the bug in the game, the mobs can now only spawn in absolute darkness and this has made the possession of torches much more valuable than it was previously. Since these mobs are now only allowed in regions with zero light level, the player can now put out torches to increase the light level and stop the mobs from spawning. It is considered somewhat of a positive bug. 

Shield Damage

The shield in the game was used to protect the player from various calamities including explosions and now, due to bug issues, the shield does not take any damage after an explosion. Although the player does fall back after the explosion, the strength of the shield remains the same. 

Lava Damage

The players are no longer able to ride near the lava pool since they will receive some sort of damage while trying to do so. 

Infinite Armor

Having a large number of netherite armor was an issue in the game before, until the update 1.18. The game is based on armor and it takes considerable effort by the player in order to get some. But now, you can get unlimited netherite armor in the game, which has taken away the charm of the game.

It is possible in the Survival Mode by very simple means and has reduced the excitement of players to construct a new armor set. Many players may consider it as a positive bug, but it is definitely something that has ruined the game. 

Boat Glitches

The boat in the game contains various bugs and creates a lot of problems for the users. These boats can vanish in the middle of the journey and leave the player alone. Also, if the player wishes to get out of the boat, he will tend to stand on it in a constant phase for some couple of minutes. Since the players can’t stand on the boat for long because of this bug, they will end up falling down.


Minecraft 1.18 contains a lot of bugs like all other updates, with not being able to stand on a boat and falling down, using torches to make the region spawn free, increase in the durability of the swords, having an infinite amount of netherite armor, and damage caused when riding near a lava pool. 

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