Command Blocks In Minecraft & How To Use To Them?

Command Blocks in Minecraft & How To Use To Them?

What are command blocks in Minecraft?

As the name of these blocks indicate, they are used for in-game commands in Minecraft. The player will have to write any of these command names in the chat box available and those particular commands will start operating immediately with the aid of Redstone power. In order to get these command blocks:

  • First of all, open up the chat box present in the game.
  • Then, type the following command: /give @p command_block.

This will automatically place a command block in the inventory. Following are the command blocks in Minecraft:

  • @s- selects the entity which executes the command.
  • @p-selects the closest player.
  • @a-selects all of the players.
  • @r-selects any random player.
  • @e-selects all entities.
  • /help: It will help in providing greater information about a particular command.
  • /give: This command will aid in giving an item to another player present in your inventory. 
  • /tp x y z: You can teleport yourself or any other player to any location on the planet. 
  • /kill: This command will kill any character.
  • /weather WeatherType: You can choose the weather of the world with this command. The weather may be rainy, snowy, or with thunder.

Many other such commands are also present. You can also download Minecraft APK free from

How to use command blocks in Minecraft?

You can use the command blocks as:

  • As you do with other blocks, do the same with the command block by placing it on the ground.
  • Further, you will notice an arrow on the side, pointing in the direction of the player when being placed down.
  • It actually exhibits the executive motion.
  • You can also click on the use button in order to open the user interface of the command block.

How to obtain command blocks in Minecraft?

In order to obtain command blocks in Minecraft, consider following the given steps:

  • To proceed with, create a world that allows cheats in the game. The creative mode allows this option by default and in order to know that the cheats version is enabled or not, you must check the Select World option where the third row will contain a text saying cheats.
  • Furthermore, check the inventory if any of the nine slots at the end are empty. If not, make space by yourself.
  • After this, open the chat menu by clicking on the T key.
  • Then in the chat box, type /give command_block.
  • After you have done all this, click on Enter. You will see the command block appearing in the inventory.

Types of command blocks

Three types of command blocks are present in the game:

  • Impulse: This type of block functions similar to a Redstone signal, indicating that it works once fueled, and then stops afterwards.
  • Repeat: These commands operate by default, indicating that many of these will operate simultaneously under a single tick.
  • Chain: This command will work only if the previous two have done their set of functions. 

These command blocks are very essential in Minecraft and will aid in creating automated systems. 

How to activate command blocks?

It is a well known fact that command blocks aren’t available in the inventory at the start of the game. They can be obtained using the commands and can be activated by:

  • When a powered block is placed near.
  • When a power component is placed near.
  • When a Redstone repeater or Redstone comparator is facing the mechanism component.


How do you get a command block in Minecraft?

In order to get a command block in Minecraft, follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • First of all, enable the cheats option from the Realm settings.
  • Then, proceed to turn on the creative mode in the game.
  • After this, open the chat box and enter the command as: “/give command_block”.
  • Now you can place the block wherever you desire.

How do you get a command block in creative mode?

In order to get a command block in creative mode:

  • You will have to enable the cheats option unless you are already starting in creative mode, where this option is already enabled by default.
  • Then, proceed to clear some space in the inventory.
  • Further open the chat box and type the command.
  • Press enter and the command box will appear in the inventory. 

Can you get a command block in survival?

No, unfortunately you cannot get a command block in survival mode. Command block is essential in executing commands and is particularly used in creative worlds, multiplayer servers, and other sorts of custom designed maps. 

How do you get a command block in 2022?

One important thing to notice is that such a type of block will not be found present in the inventory. You will have to search for it in the chat box by making space in the inventory first and afterwards type, /givecommand_block. 

What is the command for a wither storm?

In order to get a wither storm command, search for the /summon command in chat box and it will appear in the inventory.

How do you get a barrier block in Minecraft?

You will have to use the commands in order to get a barrier block in the game. Consider typing: /give @p minecraft:barrier and a number of these blocks will appear. 


Command blocks in Minecraft are the type of blocks used for executing a particular sort of task in the game. Three types of command blocks are there including impulse, repeat, and chain. The player will have to change the settings to the creative mode, make space in the inventory, and then search for the particular command block in order to get one in the game.

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