How To Enable Cheats in Minecraft?

Minecraft Versions that allow cheats

Minecraft may be all fun and interesting but players do get tired of playing it again and again and this is why they look towards more interesting options to try on; cheats.

Enable Cheats in Minecraft

Well, if you weren’t aware of the fact that you can try cheats in Minecraft, here we are. Not every version of the game may be compatible with this, but many are. Following are some of the versions of Minecraft that allow cheats:

Only the above-mentioned versions of the game are compatible for cheat commands to run, and all others aren’t. Following are some of the Minecraft versions that are not compatible for cheat commands:

  • New Nintendo 3DS Edition 
  • Pi Edition
  • Bedrock Edition
  • Wii U Edition
  • PlayStation 4 Edition
  • PlayStation Vita Edition

How to enable cheats in Minecraft?

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to enable cheats in Minecraft: Java Edition:

  • To proceed with, launch the game and click on the Singleplayer mode.
  • After this, choose for the Create New World option.
  • When a new page appears, choose for Allow Cheats: Off so this settings turns on like Allow Cheats:On.
  • Once you have done this, again click on Create New World option present.

If you want to turn on the cheats for a world already created, consider following these steps:

  • If you are playing in that world, click on Esc, which will launch the Game Menu.
  • Then select Open to LAN, and further click Allow Cheats: OFF so that it turns On.
  • Then select Start LAN World.

Cheats are now turned on and you will have to press T in order to type the cheat code in the chat box.

Enable Cheats in Bedrock Edition

In order to enable cheats in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, consider following these steps:

  • To proceed with, launch the game and click on Play.
  • After this, tap on Create New and then tap on Create New World.
  • After opening the Game Settings page, scroll down to select the Cheats option.
  • Tap on Activate Cheats and make a confirmation.

Some Minecraft Cheat Codes

Following are some of the useful cheat commands in Minecraft:

  • To change weather: If you want to bring rain in the game or thunderstorms, consider typing /weather rain, /weather thunder, /weather clear.
  • To teleport: Consider typing /tp if you want to teleport yourself anywhere in the game.
  • To spawn: If you want to give any other player or yourself any item in the game, consider typing /give PlayerName ItemName Quantity.
  • To change Game Mode: If you want to change your game mode, consider typing /gamemode in the chat box available.


Cheat Codes are always a source of fun and if you were previously unaware of this fact, you must now know that some editions of Minecraft do allow cheat commands to run. These commands can prove to be very useful and can aid in changing the day and night cycle, bringing or stopping rain, etc. 


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