How To Get Minecraft Heads in Survival Mode?

What are head blocks in Minecraft Survival Mode?

Among all the essential elements present in the game, head blocks may manage to secure the top of the list, and there are definitely reasons for that. Not only do they possess a unique appearance, but finding them is also very rare in the game.

Mob Heads in Survival Mode

The very important purpose they serve in the game is aesthetic one, since they look pretty cool on museum walls or even when present in the player’s home. They may also be found in banners and along with all this, they have this unique ability to be worn too. The type of mob heads in the game include:

  • Dragon
  • Player
  • Zombie
  • Creeper
  • Skeleton
  • Wither Skeleton

The player can use them strategically by wearing them or simply hang them in their houses to make these look better. Once again, it is stated that the player will have to strive very hard in order to obtain them and the following detail may prove to be helpful in getting a thorough insight into them.

How To Get Minecraft Heads in Survival Mode?

There are multiple ways to obtain the head block in Minecraft Survival Mode and following are these ways:

  • The first technique to obtain the head block in Minecraft is by defeating the Ender Dragon and then finding the head strategically. You will have to look for this in the end ships and ultimate cautiousness must be adopted as there are guards called shulkers protecting these ships. When the player successfully manages to reach the top, it is where the head will be found.
  • The other way of gaining a head in Minecraft is by killing the wither skeleton, as this mob yields a head upon death. You can easily find these in nether fortresses.
  • The third way you can earn a Minecraft head is by creating a charged creeper. Then, the next step which the player must adopt is to find a mob whose head is required and then blow this creeper close to them. There are high chances that the player may find a head dropped by any of these mobs.
  • There are many commands or cheats which may be adopted by the player in order to obtain a head. Repeating the specific cheat may ensure the collection of a number of heads with the player.


Like many other essential items in the game, Minecraft heads also prove to be much useful for players as they serve two essential purposes; aesthetic purposes and strategic purposes. The players can either decorate these heads on the wall or wear them in order to be used for various tactics.

There are multiple ways to obtain Minecraft Heads in the game including the usage of various cheats, killing of the Ender Dragon, killing of the wither skeleton, or by blowing a charged creeper near a mob.

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