How to make a chest in Minecraft?

Chest in Minecraft is one of the most essential items in the inventory and you will require it in order to gather and store items. Mostly, these are those items which you don’t require at the moment and you tend to store them for later. When you place something in your chest, that particular item is then removed from your inventory and you will have to place that back into the inventory after using them.

Make a chest in Minecraft

You require any of the following materials in order to craft a chest:

  • 8 dark oak planks
  • 8 crimson planks
  • 8 oak planks
  • 8 jungle planks
  • 8 spruce planks
  • 8 warped planks
  • 8 birch planks
  • 8 acacia planks

chest in Minecraft

In order to craft a chest, open the crafting menu that contains a 3×3 grid. Furthermore, start adding items into the menu. Here, you will have to add 8 planks into the slots present in the crafting table. These planks may be of any wood mentioned above.

Let’s, for example, take the acacia planks to craft a chest. Add all the planks in the slots of the table except in the second slot of the middle row. Keep this grid empty and your procedure is done. The completed chest will appear in your inventory and you can use it from there.

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How do you make a large chest in Minecraft?

Chests serve very important purpose in the game and in order to craft them, consider placing a chest near to another, which will later combine to form a large one. 

How do you build stuff on Minecraft?

In order to craft something in Minecraft, consider pressing ‘E’ on your keyboard, which opens up the inventory. The inventory in the game allows you to craft objects having up to 4 items while the crafting table allows up to 9 items to be used while crafting. 

Can you lock a chest in Survival?

Yes, you can lock a chest in Minecraft Survival by simply putting two blocks on either side of the chest and then finally placing a dirt block at the top of the chest, making it completely locked. 

What happens if you break a colossal chest in Minecraft?

If you break a colossal chest in Minecraft, you won’t be able to open the inventory again and no items will be there in the chest for you to pull out. 


Crafting a chest is important since it allows players to store items for later use. You require 8 wooden planks of any type in order to create a chest and they must be placed in a crafting table in order to be crafted. Check Out Minecraft Blog to know more about this game.

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