What is Looting in Minecraft and How To Get it?

What is Looting in Minecraft?

There are many items called enchantments in Minecraft and they serve the purpose of enhancing the effect of the weapons on which they are placed. Looting is one of the best and widely used enchantments in the game and it can be combined with swords to increase the amount of loot obtained.

Looting in Minecraft

Moreover, the greater the amount of mobs you kill, the greater loot you obtain, consequently increasing the proportion of rare drops obtained. You can use this enchantment to obtain more coal, diamonds, gold, saplings from broken leaves, and flint from gravel.

How to get Looting in Minecraft?

There are multiple ways you can get this enchantment in Minecraft:

  1. The first and the easiest way of obtaining this enchantment is trading with a passing villager. You will first have to convert the villager into a librarian and keep trading with him until you obtain this enchantment.
  2. The second way you can obtain Looting is through the spawners. When you go near a mine or a spawner cave, there may be chests filled with these looting and sometimes a looting book may also be found.
  3. The third way to obtain this enchantment is by using an Enchantment Table. In order to do this, you will first have to get some books and Lapis Lazuli. Then, you will have to proceed by enchanting a book with any enchantment present in the Lapis. Repeating this procedure may provide you with Looting 1 or maybe something better than this.


Is Looting or Fortune better?

Both of these enchantments can be considered best from their own perspective as the former will aid in increasing the possibility and the quantity of loot obtained from a mob while the latter aids in increasing the chances of getting items from the blocks.

Is Looting 3 good on a sword?

Yes, Looting 3 can be considered one of the best enchantments for swords as it aids in increasing the number of items collected from a mob that is killed through it, indicating that it increases both the possibility and the quantity of the loot obtained. 

Does Looting give you more diamonds?

Yes, Looting can increase the number of chances of obtaining a certain item. Considering this, Looting does increase the chance of getting charcoal, gold, diamond, as well as upgrades the chances of obtaining saplings from cut leaves and flint from gravel.

Can you put Looting on a pickAXE?

No, unfortunately you cannot put Looting on a pickAXE as specific enchantments are reserved for certain items in the game. Also, it must be noticed that Looting can only be used for swords and nothing else in the game.

Does Looting work on Shulkers?

Yes, Looting works on Shulkers as they originally have a chance of dropping a shulker shell on death by 50% and this number is considerably increased with the aid of Looting, which can reach up to 68.75% with this.

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