Mending in Minecraft – How To Get & Use it?

What is Mending in Minecraft?

Like many other enchantments present in the game, mending is also one of the most essential items in the game. As the name indicates, it can be used for repairing items and can be considered somewhat rare. You may consider yourself pretty lucky if you come across this enchantment.

Mending in Minecraft

The player may search for this in varied places like dungeons, temples, villages, and other locations. Also, in an alternative manner, you can trade stuff in return for mending items for a suitable price. Fishing may also be considered a pretty good way of finding mending enchantments.

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How To Get Mending in Minecraft?

Following are the 3 ways you can obtain this enchantment in the game:

  • One of the easiest ways of finding mending is by fishing.
  • You can also loot chests in order to find this item. 
  • If not the above mentioned options, try trading it with any villager by turning him into a librarian.

Uses of Mending in Minecraft

Following are the uses of mending enchantment in Minecraft:

  • Most of the enchantments in the game are used for enchanting items but mending can also be used to enchant other enchantments in the game. 
  • Various weapons like axes, swords, tridents, crossbows. etc. can be enchanted using mending.
  • Armor like boots, leggings, turtle shells, chest plates, helmets, shields, etc. can be mended using this enchantment.
  • Mending can also enchant various tools like hoes, shovels, axes, shears, and fishing rods, etc.


How do you use mending in Minecraft?

As the name of the enchantment indicates, it can be used for mending various items in the game, including various armor, weapons, and other tools. 

Is mending good in Minecraft?

Yes, mending is one of the best among all the enchantments present in the game. Also, this enchantment can be considered a very good item to trade since it can be utilized for various purposes including keeping armor and tools hard-wearing.

Does mending last forever?

No, mending does not last forever. The damage caused may be repaired but the effect may not last forever.

How do you trade mending?

There are multiple ways you can trade mending in the game, including doing so with a villager. To do this, players must first take a lectern and proceed to replace it. Then, further return the Librarian profession back to the villager and in this way, you will be able to trade again and again with them. 

Does mending have a limit?

Yes, mending does have a limit in the game and it can mend items until the cost exceeds 39. 


Mending is one of the most essential enchantments in the Minecraft as it aids in repairing items and you can obtain it by fishing, through looting chests, or by trading it with any villager. 

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