Minecraft Axolotl Colors (Lucy, Cyan, Gold, Wild and Blue)

What are Axolotls in Minecraft?

Ever heard of the famous mob axolotl in Minecraft? Well, they are one of the cutest creatures in the game, belonging to the category of tiger salamander and possessing very delicate and feathery bodies. They are passive ones but may act as your defenders against various other hostile mobs present in the game.

Minecraft Axolotl Colors

Finding and breeding them is quite a fun activity for players in Minecraft. They may be found present in ocean biomes and prove to be difficult to tame as cats and other animals in the game. The maximum time they can spend without water in the game is 5 minutes and make sure you put them back after breeding them.

You can easily catch them by feeding them a bucket of tropical fish, after which they will start following you. Breeding them is pretty easy and all the player will have to do is to get two of these axolotls next to each other and feed them some fish, after which they will enter a sort of love mode. 

Minecraft Axolotl Colors

Axolotls are a very beautiful mob in Minecraft and they come in 5 different colors including Lucy, Cyan, Gold, Wild and Blue. The blue colored axolotls are the rarest in the game with a spawn rate of only 0.083%.

If you manage to find some of these in the game, consider yourself extremely lucky as they are very difficult to locate. Wild axolotls are pretty common with a spawn rate of 24.98% and have a light brownish shade.

Gold axolotls are also common ones with a spawn rate of 24.98% and a yellowish shade. The next two Lucy and Cyan axolotls also have a spawn rate of 24.98% and a pinkish and bluish appearance respectively. 


What’s the rarest axolotl color in Minecraft?

The blue colored axolotls are the rarest in Minecraft as they only have a spawn rate of 0.083% in the game. 

How do you get a blue axolotl in Minecraft?

Since these axolotls don’t spawn naturally, you will have to breed them in order to get them. 

How do you summon a pink axolotl in Minecraft?

Consider following these steps in order to do so:

  1. To proceed with, open the chat window and type the command in this window. 
  2. For typing the command, for example, in Minecraft Java Edition, type: /summon axolotl. 

How do you spawn an axolotl in Minecraft survival?

Try placing some cobblestones under water blocks and you will succeed in doing so. Also, there is no particular need to use only cobblestones for the process, as Deepslate, Gravel, Stone, etc. will also work. One important thing to consider is that they will only be found spawning in Level 0.


Axolotls are a very passive mob and come in 5 different color ranges, including blue, gold, wild, cyan, and Lucy. The blue colored axolotls are the rarest among all and you must breed them in order to get them.

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