Minecraft Spectator Mode: How To Use It?

Minecraft Spectator Mode: How To Use it?

What is Spectator Mode Minecraft?

As the name of this mode indicates, this feature enables players to look for or spectate the world around them. It is one of the most interesting game modes in Minecraft and it allows you to take a view of various surfaces, objects, and entities present around.

This game mode can only be accessed in the Java Edition and is not available for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Also, the players won’t be allowed to come in contact with any of the blocks and will not be allowed to open chests or doors etc.

How To Use it?

Since it is a new addition in the game, there are many areas of lack that require fixation on which developers are continuously working on. In order to activate this command in the game, consider typing /gamemode 6. After you have done this, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the mode is currently on.

Usage of Spectator Mode

The Spectator Mode is used to view the world in Minecraft, without actually coming into contact with it. There is nothing else visible in the game except the chat option. One of the best parts of this mode is that no mobs can notice you, nor can you provoke them in any way.

The player may be visible to some other players using the glowing status effect, but he will still prove to be invisible to all the mobs out there. It must be noticed that this visibility feature can only be accessed using the Glowing Status Effect and not otherwise. It will diminish as soon as the effect vanishes.

There is absolutely no concept of damage in this game mode and you can go through all sorts of explosions, lava, fire, suffocation, blows, and much more, the health still remains the same. The player will be in a constant phase of flying and won’t stop for a second to land as you are only going to view the Minecraft world. Players will also be able to see all the invisible entities, blocks, and mobs, which wasn’t allowed otherwise.


Spectator Mode allows players to take a view of the Minecraft world without actually engaging in the gameplay. The player will act as if he is invisible and look at all the invisible entities present in the game.

Neither can the mobs see the player nor can the players trigger the mobs in any case. This game mode is particularly fun and interesting for those who want to sit back and enjoy the details of the game.

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