Minecraft Villager Jobs: Everything You Need To Know!

Villagers in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game consisting of various blocks and mobs, and villagers are also one of the passive mobs in the game that hold great significance. These villagers live in villages and their costume designs vary according to their occupation and the biome they are inhabiting in. They work, breed, and interact with one another in the game and are used for trading various stuff with the players.

Villagers in Minecraft

Since the Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage update, the nature of the villages have considerably changed and various new additions are there in the game. A total of 15 jobs are there for the villagers in Minecraft and if you want to provide any sort of job to a villager, you will first have to place a block of that particular job in front of that unemployed villager.

Jobs of Villagers in Minecraft

Following are the jobs of villagers in Minecraft:

  • Farmer: They have a job block of Composter and offer food and brewing items.
  • Cartographer: Their job block is Cartography Table and offer banners and maps in the game.
  • Cleric: With a Brewing Stand as a job block, these villagers offer many magical items in the game.
  • Butcher: They have a job block of Smoker and offer cooked meat along with emeralds.
  • Armorer: They are present in the Blast Furnace Block and offer chainmail and armor.
  • Fisherman: They are present in the Barrel block and offer fishing rods and fish.
  • Librarian: They are present in the Lectern block and offer name tags as well as enchanted books.
  • Leatherworker: They are present in the Cauldron block and offer horse armor, leather armor, and saddles.
  • Weaponsmith: They will be found present in Grindstone Block and sell diamond swords, axes, and iron.
  • Unemployed: They have no job block and don’t offer anything.
  • Mason: They are present in the Stonecutter Block and offer tarnished blocks and bricks.
  • Nitwit: They have no job block and can be considered somewhat useless.
  • Toolsmith: They are present in the Smithing Table and offer varying tools and enchanted.
  • Shepherd: They are present in the Loom Block and offer colored wools and paintings.

Variants of Villagers in Minecraft

Following are some of the types of villagers in Minecraft:

  • Zombie Villagers: Zombie villagers are made when a zombie kills a villager. 
  • Witches: These are villager-like but hostile in nature. They will be present spawning in Overworld in light.
  • Illagers: They are also villager-like and hostile in nature. They are present in woodland mansions in the game.
  • NPC: These are also villager-like mobs present in the Education Edition of the game.
  • Wandering Traders: These villagers will be found spawning near the player or near bells in the game.


Villagers are a very essential feature in Minecraft and they have various jobs in the game. They will be found dressed up according to their jobs and the biome of the village they are inhabiting. 15 different types of villager jobs are there in the game and they will be found near to their respective block.

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