Stick War Legacy PC Mod APK Download Free

Stick games have been in the market since long but Stick War Legacy PC is something you have never heard of! This game involves swords, spears, archers and mage. This game is one of the most popular on the internet and playing it on PC adds more to the fun. This game is very much similar to other stick games like Stick Fight and Wingsuit Stickman but there are more features in this game as compared to others in the market.

This game will make you addicted to the core. In this, you can control your army in formations or can even play each separate unit, you are in charge and have complete control on every stickman. You can learn how to use swords, spear, archer, mage, or even giants and can also build units and mine gold. You have the ability to destroy the enemy and his statue and capture all his land! All these features make the game more fun and addicting.

More About Stick War Legacy

Max Studios continue with this amazingly detailed and cool game in the PC version. This game revolves around different nations who are trying to dominate one another and attain supremacy over each other in the world of Inamorta. Pride is basically the reason behind this anarchic world. Every nation is good at a particular warfare mode and is trying to establish hegemony in the region. All these issues as well as every nation considering itself superior to others are the core reasons behind wars in Inamorta.

The player of this game is the ruler of a nation called Order- a peaceful state that does not believe in anarchy. However, you cannot compel people to follow your ideology. Other power hungry nations are trying to devour you and you have to save your rule and your state from them. If we take a closer look, we analyze how close this game is to reality. Such a realistic game will definitely blow your mind and will take you on an amazing journey.

Features of Stick War Legacy PC

Campaign Mode

This is the standard mode of the Stick War: Legacy’s classic campaign. This mode instructs the players to take control of their base. The players must manage their territories and also collect all the available resources, and they must also train and upgrade their units. Also, when talking about offense, defense situations must also be taken into account. Players must try to take a good defensive position and also try to dodge the enemy forces. The player must block the external threat as much as he can, and forbid the threat from entering the headquarters.

Survival Mode

This game is all about survival. You have to stop the enemy forces from entering your area. You have to manage all your available resources and also manage your defense forces to keep the enemy out of your range. Crown of Inamorta is the latest tournament mode of this game series. In this mode, all the players will compete with each other to attain the crown of Inamorta.

New Skins

This game allows you to have multiple new skins. When you unlock these features, you will alter the appearance of your unit. Also, these skins give you additional features in the game too. For example, if you unlock a new skin, the fighting power of your unit will increase. All these features offered by the game make it even more fun and interesting. So what are you waiting for? Download the game now and play on your PC for free.

How to Play Stick War Legacy on PC:

First of all, you need to download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Once it is installed, download the Stick War Legacy Mod 999 Army APK from out site and install it on the bluestacks. After you have installed it, complete the google sign in, and you are free to play this amazing game!

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