Strongest Minecraft Blocks That You Should Use For Building

Strongest Minecraft Blocks That You Should Use For Building

Minecraft features some large collection of items and a world of its own, allowing players to craft whatever they desire. All of these items are in the form of a block and when talking about them, these certainly vary in their composition and hardness.

List of strongest blocks in Minecraft

 When building a house of your own, the type of block you choose depends entirely on your preference. However, harder ones are definitely better for this purpose, and must be preferred too.  Following is a list of strongest blocks in Minecraft:


When taking into account some of the hardest blocks in the game, there is no doubt in the fact that Bedrock definitely attains the top position. In simpler words, an explosion of capacity 3600000 can be withstood by this block. It is for such reasons that this block is used for strengthening structures and in underground fights.


The second hardest block in the game is Obsidian, which requires a lot of time and effort for mining. Because of its hardness, it can be used for building resilient structures in the game. 

Crying Obsidian

This block is also quite similar to the latter, except the fact that it is a radiant one. The strength of this block is similar to Obsidian and mining it is also equally hard, since it is a strong one and is anti-explosion.


Although this block is also a strong one, mining it isn’t that hard as compared to the previous ones. These blocks are very pretty and can be used for aesthetic reasons in the game. Also, it must be noticed that these blocks are stronger than those of stone and bricks. 

Block of copper

Copper is also a very essential item when it comes to building blocks and the best part is, it is a strong one too. First introduced in Caves and Cliffs update, this block can be used for building resilient structures. Another essential point to notice is that this block will change its color with the passage of time as copper reacts with oxygen and turns into a greenish structure. 

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What is the strongest block in Minecraft?

The strongest block in the Minecraft game is Bedrock, which is considered unbreakable under certain instances. 

What is crying obsidian?

This is a version of the Obsidian block but is a radiant one and can be used for crafting a respawn anchor. 

What blocks can’t the Wither break?

The breakable blocks in the game including ancient debris, obsidian, etc. can all be shattered using this, however, harder blocks like end portal frames, bedrock, and reinforced deepslate cannot be broken with Wither break. 


Blocks are an essential part of Minecraft and their importance cannot be neglected at all costs. These blocks vary widely in composition, and so do in strength. 

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