What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat?

What does KMS mean on Snapchat?

Slang usage on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most used social media applications used by Gen Zs and there may be several reasons behind that. The fact that this application gained massive popularity over the past couple of years may be attributed to the cool slang usage in it, making it a hotspot for younger generations.

Well, for many, these slangs have had them sitting for hours wondering what they could possibly mean. One of these latest slangs is kms, and users are wondering what this slang would possibly mean.

If you are also someone new to this platform and want to learn more about slangs to keep in touch with the latest internet trends and to come out as a cooler person, you are definitely in the right spot. Consider reading the article below in order to get a know how of what kms means.

What does KMS mean on Snapchat?

Perplexed about what kms could possibly mean on Snapchat? The answer is Kill Myself! This abbreviation has long been used on the popular social media site either as a source of fun or to express extreme disappointment under certain scenarios.

Users use this acronym while chatting with their friends and if you have also received a solar message by someone, then you definitely don’t need to worry anymore since you now know what it means. The user will either be expressing how irritated or displeased he is with the current situation.

What are other meanings of kms?

There are no hard and fast rules that kms may only mean kill myself, since this depends on the user chatting styles. Anyone can create acronyms of their own while chatting. There are maximum possibilities that the meaning would be this but it rather depends on what sort of conversation you are having.

Other meanings of kms include Kill me Softly, Key Management System, Kilometers, Killing me Softly, and Key Management System. So you will have to analyze yourself about what sort of talks you are involved in and what will the acronym kms mean in this conversation. 


Acronyms have long been used as a source of being a cooler person, especially on Snapchat. Kms means Kill Myself, but definitely not as a curse word and not in a negative usage at all. The user normally uses this acronym to express extreme disappointment or the state of irritation.

Also, sometimes, this slang may be used as a source of humor when something is too funny and a person uses this as sarcasm.

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