What Does S Mean On Snapchat?

What does S mean on Snapchat?

What is S on Snapchat?

Slangs and abbreviations can prove to be a little confusing at times and so is the case with Snapchat, which contains tons of these. If you are also witnessing snaps with ‘S’ written on it, then, my friend, you are absolutely not alone in your query.

The word ‘S’ on Snapchat stands for streak and if you received this written on someone’s snap, then this indicates that that particular person wants to maintain a streak with you. Streak is one of the core reasons why Snapchat is such a popular application and some users want to maintain it for as long as possible.

Having a large number of streaks has become a new trend and people usually boast of this. You can know about how many days’ streak you have by looking at the fire emoji present at the contact’s name. There will be a number written next to it, indicating the number of days.

You will also see an abbreviation named ‘S/R’, referring to ‘streaks and recents’. Also, it must be noticed that these streaks require persons from both sides to send snaps everyday, otherwise it will be broken.

How to use S on Snapchat?

As already mentioned, this abbreviation is for streaks and if you want to maintain them, then you will have to keep sending them everyday within 24 hours, and also, your friend must also send them regularly.

To alleviate your tension, it is stated clearly that the S snap marks the streak snap and the other person is sending you because he or she intends to maintain a streak with you. If you also want to send such types of streaks, then all you have to do is click a blank photo and write S on it using the pen option available.

Also, you can create a streak with a GIF and in order to do so, simply click on the ‘Sticker’ option available on the right side of the screen. When you open this option, write a streak in the search box and you will see many gifs in various styles. Click on any of them to send one.

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The S sign on Snapchat stands for streak and if someone sends you this, it means that that particular person wants to maintain a streak with you. You can also send someone a streak with S written on it by simply using a pen, a gif, or a bitmoji.

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