What is an Ancient City in Minecraft?

What is an ancient city in Minecraft?

The deep dark biome in Minecraft has had many additions in it and especially after the 1.19 Wild update. This biome will be found present deep under the surface of the earth, as evident from its name too.

ancient city in Minecraft

Not all the deep dark biomes will have an ancient city in them, since the latter are pretty rare and unique in the game. These ancient cities may contain very valuable items in them including golden apples, horse armor, enchanted armor, bones, 13, books, and cats etc. Not only these, you can find bottles of Sculk and bottles of enchanting present here.

Where to find an ancient city in Minecraft?

One of the worst parts of finding an ancient city is that there is no direct way or a map for finding an ancient city and you will have to search for it yourself. All you can do to search for it is dig deep down into the surface until you find the y level -52 in the game.

Here, a cave or a mine will lead you to the ancient city. In the 1.18 update in the game, ancient cities will be found more often in the mountain biomes. Using cheats will help you locate these cities earlier. 


What is the portal in the ancient city?

There is a big portal in the center of the ancient city called the ancient city portal. There are many speculations that this portal may lead to another dimension in the game. 

How do you find a deep dark city in Minecraft?

Finding this may be a difficult task but you can make it easy by simply typing ‘/locate’ in the command box and you will instantly find the nearest one. 

What y level do ancient cities spawn?

Ancient cities can be found in y level -52. Since they are only found in deep dark biomes, they will be present quite beneath the surface and will consist of deep slate, basalt, and other variants like gray wool blocks. 

Is there an ancient city in every deep Dark?

No, it is not necessary that every deep dark will contain an ancient city. There are greenish blue Skulk blocks which will lead you to deep dark biomes in the game. 


Ancient cities are located in the deep dark biome in the game, present in the y level -52 coordinate. These biomes contain various loots and you can search for golden apples, cats, horse armors, books, bones, and much more here. 

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