What Is Minecraft SMP? – Types Of SMP Servers In Minecraft

What is Minecraft SMP? – Types of SMP servers in Minecraft

What does SMP mean in Minecraft?

SMP literally means Survival Multiplayer in the game. Minecraft is a very vast game and contains a lot of abbreviations which prove to be a little difficult for players to understand. There are many genres in the survival mode of the game, with the one being the multiplayer mode.

If we don’t consider any mod versions of the game, Minecraft was originally a survival based game before. But with various new additions, this survival multiplayer mode isn’t as famous as others in the game.

A group of friends can play the game on this server, which can enlarge to become a community. Various types of survival multiplayers are there and the following is their detailed description.

Types of SMP servers in Minecraft

Following are some of the types of SMP servers in Minecraft:

  • Modded: As the name of this server indicates, it is a modified version that has removed all the mechanics of the original game. It is considerably different as compared to the original game.
  • Anarchy: The name of this server clearly indicates that it involves complete and utter lawlessness. There are no mods nor are there any kinds of cheats present in the server.
  • Factions: War is the prime concept of this server and it involves no plugins. Gaining a control of land, building stuff, and mining resources is allowed in this server and players can do it with much ease.
  • Vanilla: This server does not contain any mods, erasing the possibility of ease or modifications. The best part of this server is that you can play it with friends, though it involves a single player mode.
  • Semi-Vanilla: Plugins are included in this server which are designed to bring convenience to the people. These servers make the game much more enjoyable as they simplify everything.
  • Skyblock: It is one of the most loved survival based challenges where you will have to manage yourself on a small island. The player can perform a lot of procedures in this mod, including mining, building stuff, getting hold of lands etc.


SMP refers to the Survival Multiplayer mode in the game which is a very essential part of Minecraft. Most of the players enjoy playing the game in this mode, despite the fact that other modes including modded, creative, etc. are also much loved.

Varied types of SMP servers are there, including anarchy, which describes a state of lawlessness and chaos, skyblock, semi-vanilla and vanilla, factions, and modded. 

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