What Is The Function Of Game Turbo In Xiaomi Mi Phones?

What is the function of Game Turbo in Xiaomi Mi Phones?

What is Game Turbo?

Game Turbo is an in-built application that is present in Xiaomi phones. This application proves to be very useful as it is a source of improving the performance of the device while gaming. The user interface of this application is also quite simple, making the users easily learn about it. You can play your favorite games without any distortion as maximum RAM is required in certain cases to make the games work without lags. There is nothing complicated in this, just open the application and change the performance settings to enhance how your device runs games.

This application is already incorporated in Xiaomi phones to have a better gaming experience as well as the device works without glitches. Also, when you open Game Turbo, the previous applications will continue running in the background.

Consider this example: mobile phones have octa core processors and normally the OEM has divided the functions these processors have to perform. Normally, 4 cores are allocated for performing operations like making a call, using applications etc. 2 cores are for games and the other 2 cores are for other purposes.

However, the games today require more processing speeds and don’t run smoothly by only using 2 processors. Thus, this issue is solved by using Game Turbo as this allows all the processors to complete their own tasks and makes the games run smoothly on only 2 processors.

What is the function of Game Turbo in Xiaomi Mi Phones?

Here are all of the functions or features which you can enjoy using Xiaomi Game Tarbo:

  • It aids the smooth working of phones.
  • Game Turbo has a very easy user interface so that the users can operate it easily.
  • It analyzes the technical requirements of every game and provides each with adequate space and power to run smoothly.
  • Allows games to run without interruptions. 
  • You will find various tools in it like screenshots, timer, speed up, screen recording, screen sharing, and allows an easy way to change apps while you are playing. 
  • It has a lot of deep settings too which helps in enhancing gaming experience like Auto DND, FPS counter, memory clear, etc.

Other Uses of Mi Game Turbo

  • It is very useful for mobile phones and optimizes the gameplay or performance of games.
  • It can be used specially for the games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.
  • It can be considered as a game enhancer.
  • Gives a lag-free experience.
  • Provides a more attractive look to players.

Can we use Game Turbo App on Other Android Phones?

Game Turbo is an application which is only for Xiaomi phones as it is already in-built in them. There are many uses of this application as mentioned above, so many users want to download it in other android phones too. If you also want to have this application to enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your mobile phone with some other tools like screen recording, then you can download the Xiaomi Game Turbo 3.0 APK from our site and install it on your device.

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