When Does Minecraft 1.17 Come Out?

Minecraft 1.17 release date

The Minecraft 1.17 update was set to be released in 2020, though it officially came out on June 8, 2021. The reason behind this delay is quite evident, as was stated by the developing company, that the game is quite complex and it is for this reason that it was divided into two halves before its release.

when did minecraft 1.17 come out

This update had many of the features removed and many new ones added. The removed ones include the lush cave and the dripstone caves biomes, revamped mountain and cave generation, and the enhanced world height, although they were again the part of the next update.

New additions in Minecraft 1.17 update

Following are the new additions in the 1.17 update of Minecraft:

  • A new amethyst block is added.
  • There is a new amethyst cluster which emits a light of level 5.
  • There is a new block called Azalea which resembles bushes.
  • Azalea leaves which produce Azalea.
  • A new block of copper which can be formed with the aid of 9 copper ingots.
  • There is a new natural light source called the Cave Vines.
  • You can now craft a candle with a honeycomb and string in the 1.17 update.
  • Many new items are added like Glow Inc Sac, Powder Snow bucket, Raw Copper, Copper Ingot, Amethyst Shard, Bucket of Axolotl, Spawn Eggs, Spyglass, Raw Gold, Glow squid, goat, and much more.


Has Minecraft 1.17 been released?

Yes, Minecraft 1.17, the cave and cliffs update has been released on June 8, 2021.

What time is the Minecraft 1.17 update coming out?

The update will be out there on Tuesday if no such issue as technical fault arises. It is most likely that the update will come out at 8:00 AM PST.

What’s new in the 1.17 update?

Many of the in-game developments are present as well as the bugs issues are all fixes in the 1.17 caves and cliffs update of the game.

Why is the Caves and Cliffs update released in two parts?

The primary reason behind this move by the company is that the game has many complex features which need to be divided into two parts. This will ensure the provision of greater time to the workers to work and analyze carefully and put forward a better work in terms of quality.

Are custom biomes packs compatible with Caves and Cliffs Part 2 worlds?

Unfortunately, these new custom biome packs are not compatible with the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 worlds.


Minecraft 1.17 update was released in June 2021, which had many new gameplay improvements in addition to the increased variety of items and blocks. The control system of the game also had slight variations and the update was released in two halves to ensure better quality provision.

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