BLUE LOCK Project World Champion APK v3.2.2 Download For Android

App NameBLUE LOCK Project World Champion
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 6, 2024

What is BLUE LOCK Project World Champion APK?

Blue Lock Project World Champion APK is an anime game that allows players to compete against others by forming a team. Although Blue Lock Project World Champion features a very traditional gameplay, yet it includes very impressive features to make you hooked to it.

The player can opt from the many characters present out there and then proceed to play the game. All of the characters have their own unique set of skills, which can be upgraded too with the passage of time.

Also, you can train your characters and prepare them for the ongoing match. With this, you can also fulfill your dream of becoming a world class soccer champion. 

Anime-themed gameplay 

One of the best features of the game is its anime themed style, which draws the attention of the users in an instant. You will witness realistic anime characters who are under your control. From training your teammates to sending them for a match, everything is under your control. Devising a proper strategy before hopping on to start the game is completely absurd and may lead you to a defeat. 

Compete against other teams 

There are many opponents present out there and competing them is no joke if you try to come unprepared. This game was developed after Japan lost the 2018 FIFA world cup and provides a chance for players to enhance their gaming skills. A number of competitive teams will be present out there and in order to play against them, you must be skilled too. Just download the game and put your soccer skills to test by competing in various matches. 

Choose your character 

Various characters will be present out there and you can choose your favorite ones in order to make a team. Keep in mind that you are above them all and for this reason, you will have to take the matters in your hand. You are a part of the Blue Rock project and it is up to you to find new and hidden talent present out there. The game presents a very realistic storyline which will keep the players indulge into it till the end. 

Train your group members 

One of the most difficult tasks in the game is training your players so that you can come out as the strongest team out there. This won’t be easy at all and you will have to devise a proper plan prior to doing so. There are some trial matches in which the player can participate in order to know where they stand.

Build your strongest player 

There is a training session in the game which allows you to create your strongest player by giving them the coaching that you want to. Everything is entirely up to you and you can enhance their skills as you prefer. Doing so will aid you to win the matches against the opponent team easily.