Bob The Robber 3

Bob The Robber 3 MOD APK

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Name Bob The Robber 3
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.8.9
Size 25M
Price Free
Requires Android

Bob The Robber 3 Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money 
  • Unlimited Coins 

What is Bob The Robber 3 MOD APK?

Bob The Robber 3 MOD APK is a super thrilling tactical game where the players will have to catch all the thieves and stop them from advancing further. These thieves will have a lot of stolen stuff with them and it is your task to hinder them from getting away with all of it. With easy game controls, Bob the Robber 3 features a crazy adventure experience. The player must also keep upgrading his skills in order to catch the thief faster. Various characters will be unlocked as you proceed further in the game. You can also play the role of a nice burglar who has to complete his last theft mission before he steps out of this crime world. 

Get all those loot 

Do your job and catch the thief getting away with all the loot. The main character is a security guard whose job is to hinder the advancement of a robber who has stolen all the stuff. Chase the robber till the end and do not let it escape with all the belongings. You can also earn money by completing all the levels. Not only this, the player can also take the role of Bob as a burglar and perform his last robbery mission before leaving this criminal world. 

Adventure game 

Indulge in the world of adventure by taking up the character of a security guard and catching the thief. The player will have to exert full speed in order to catch the thief and get all the belongings that he has looted. Bob The Robber 3 features very easy controls and the player can learn all the techniques within an instant. Players will find themselves present in a villa where there will be a number of guards and dogs for protection. Getting the loot out of it if you are playing the role of a burglar won't be an easy task at all. 

Unlock various characters 

A number of characters are present in the game which make the gameplay quite indulging and interesting. As soon as you proceed further in the game, more and more characters will be unlocked which will further add to the gameplay. Players can also unlock some of the characters by collecting money and then unlocking them. 

Many game levels 

There are a number of game levels which the player has to complete in time. Also, each of the levels present in the game have varied difficulty levels and the character has to keep up with his speed if he wants to catch the burglar in time. 

Upgrade your skills 

Keep upgrading your skills time and again to enhance your in-game performance. This will not only increase the speed of the player but will also aid in catching the thief easily. Win more points and increase your level!

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