Can You Deposit a Paper Check on Cash App? (Cash App Check Deposit)

Yes! You can deposit a check on the Cash App. The application also offers you to deposit funds into your cash card. But before starting this conversation, we must draw a difference between electronic and paper check deposits on Cash App. You can cash a check in two ways, electronic and in a manual way.

Can you Deposit a Check on Cash App?

As the name of these terms indicate, the electronic way of check deposit involves sharing your Cash App routing number, account number, and Cash App bank name with your employer or any other payment issuer. Normally, this procedure requires 1 to 2 days. The manual way of check deposit requires more time comparatively than the electronic procedure.

There is also some issue that some people are able to deposit checks through the application while others can’t. Cash App is trying to solve this problem by looking into the bugs in the system, so that the application works smoothly when released to the masses. Also Check out Cash App ++ to get free money on this app.

How to Deposit a Check on Cash App?

Cash App accepts electronic checks so you have to take an electronic image of the paper check and then issue it to the application. After your electronic check is submitted, the application will acquire detailed information about your device, including the time and geolocation of the device. You must provide Cash App with all the hardware and operating system permissions which are asked, like granting access to your device’s camera, time, storage, and geolocation data if you want to use the mobile check capture.

When Cash App has received all this information, it will review all the submitted electronic checks. The higher administration has a right to either accept or decline your check. It is not a hard and fast rule that your mobile check capture will be accepted. You must keep the original check in a secure area because there are chances that your electronic check may not be accepted. If you receive a message of ‘successfully submitted’ then it means that your check has been deposited and accepted successfully.

Here’s a short video on how can you do that:

How to Deposit Government Check on Cash App?

You must follow the below mentioned guidelines in order to deposit a government check:

  • You should first download the application and make an account on it.
  • After logging in the application, you’ll find an option in the bottom right corner which says ‘cash card’.
  • After you have selected that option, select ‘deposit’ under the ‘payment method’ option.
  • Add the type of payment you desire to make, with cash or bank.
  • Then enter your routing number and account number where you want to deposit the money.
  • Add all the information required in the process, including the description of transactions.
  • Click submit and your process is completed.

Eligibility Criteria for EChecks

Following are some of the requirements for your paper check:

  • It is imperative that the check has no sort of alteration in it since the day it was issued.
  • The check should always be in your reach.
  • There is a maximum limit set by Square for mobile check capture. You must make sure that your check has a limit either equivalent or less than that limit.
  • The check should be in US dollars.
  • The check should be withdrawable or payable by a bank or a credit union in the United States.

Fees for Depositing a Check on Cash App

This question has been asked by many customers and the answer is no. Cash App does not charge any amount of fee from its customers for depositing a check. You can receive your pay checks in minutes with no fees and you don’t even have to go to the office. This is a great way of getting paid. The average duration for direct deposit is 4 days.

Check Deposit Limit on Cash App

There are limits up to which you can deposit checks on Cash App and you must be aware of those limits. For mobile deposit, you can deposit up to $3,500 per check and in a month, you can deposit up to 5 checks which total up to $7,500. Also, this must be kept in mind that those checks which are declined also add up to the total count of 5 checks per month.

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