I Got Scammed on Cash App What Do I Do – CashApp Scam

No doubt Cash app is the safest way to do the transactions but scammers still find a way to scam. You must be aware of all the phishing attempts in order to be on the safe side. We are going to give you some guidance on how you can get scammed on Cash App and how you can recognize and avoid the scam.

i got scammed on cash app what do i do

Can You Get Scammed On Cash App?

No matter how secure any app is, hackers or scammers always find a way to obtain money from your account. Many of the apps including cash apps use P2P service to make the payments. There is a greater chance that your data might get leaked.

Cash App users have many complaints regarding the scams. However, you will never find the company responsible for the scam done to you. Whenever you are scammed, that scam is done by the people who try to act like they are from the company which you are using.

Cash App Fraud Bible is another thing in the form of a book which explains how people do frauds on cash app. It includes all the things which people do while scamming like making fake screenshots, profiles and many other things. It is said that this is the book which a fraudster is always looking for.

What Does a Cash App Scam Look Like?

A Cash App Scam can be of many types but here, we will tell you about the most common scams that happen with the Cash App users.

Fake Cash App Support

Most of the scams are done by the scammers who act like they are from the support of Cash App. These scams are done through a website. Scammers make a site and put a helpline number on it. Whenever a Cash App user searches for the helpline number, he may end up on the site on which fake helpline number is provided.

Once you call that fake helpline number, the scammers will somehow provoke you to share the details of your account like phone number, email and cash app pin or whatever is needed to get into your cash app account. Once they have those details, they will take out the money from your account.

CashApp Giveaway Scam

Another most done scam is the CashApp giveaway scam. The Cash App company does giveaways very often on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The fraudsters create fake accounts and make giveaway posts and portray themselves in a way that people start to believe that the giveaways are real.

Every giveaway has a participation fee. When you participate in their fraud scheme, they even give you small prizes so that the people can start trusting them and take part in big giveaways. When you participate or send a fee for big giveaways, they block you from the account after taking the money.

How to Avoid Cash App Scams?

We have mentioned the two most happening cash app scams to the people. However, you should have knowledge to avoid these scams. Otherwise, you can also get scammed. Here are some of the tips on how you can avoid the scams related to cash app:

  • Read the guidelines on the official website of the app regarding the scam.
  • Never participate in the giveaways which demand an entrance fee.
  • Only send the payments to the people you know.
  • Always double check for the details like the username you entered to send the payment.
  • In case you sent the payment to the wrong person by mistake, the company will not be responsible and your amount will not be refunded once sent.
  • Turn on all the security features like PIN, fingerprint and two factor authorization to keep your account safe.
  • Never tell your credentials to anyone.
  • The support is only available in the mobile phone app, so stay away from the social media accounts or websites who claim that they provide support for cash app.