DRAGON VILLAGE Mod Apk v13.80 (Unlimited Food, Gems, Coins)

MOD FeatureUnlimited Food
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 7, 2023

Dragon Village APK + MOD

You may be familiar with the gameplay of Dragon Village if you have ever played Dragon City Mod APK. The reason is that both the games have almost the same gameplay but as they are from different developers, so a lot of the features and graphics differ. Just like you create a city in dragon city, here the players will be creating a village to host different types of dragons.

Hosting in a sense, that you will be preparing the magical dragons for the battles. The abilities and skills of the dragon depend on the village from where they come. That’s why it is necessary to build an astonishing village and give a competitive environment to the dragons. Players will be able to build various kinds of habitats made of natural elements as they are necessary for the dragons.

Features of Dragon Village Game

Set Up a Dragon Village

Build a village of your dreams but this time for the dragons. Building your village is a lot more interesting than any other objectives in the game. Players are given a choice of a ton of buildings which they can use to design their village according to their needs. Not only will you have to set up the buildings just for designing but there are also some of the buildings which can be used for getting the resources and breeding.

Connect With the Dragons

There are various dragons in the game and they all perform different functions. Some of the dragons are able to do the work of labor. These dragons are helpful in setting up a building. Our goal is to focus on the dragons which can battle. In this case, we try to breed the dragons to get a powerful one. Each dragon in the game has a name.

Let’s see how far you go in the game or how strong or powerful the dragon you achieve. You can only be successful in this regard if you make a good connection between yourself and the dragons.

Battling with the Dragons

Now this is the most interesting feature which dragon village offers. Building a village and looking after the dragons is somehow fun but this struggle was in vain if there was no other use of the dragons. Battle of the dragons is why this game instructs the players to breed and create a powerful dragon than any other.

You will have to build a team of dragons and prepare them for the battle with other dragons of the other players. To win the battle, your dragons should have unique powers. Unique powers only come when you make the dragons breed.

Download Dragon Village Mod APK – Offline

You might face the issue of money in the game as buying the dragons or buildings from the store of dragon village takes a lot of money. In the beginning, you cannot go towards the premium dragons or buildings. That is why, we are providing the android gamers with the dragon village apk mod, which has unlimited money and gems in it.

Moreover, the players will also be able to play the game offline in the modded version. Download game dragon village mod apk file from the link given in the download button and start building your dragon village.

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