GB Instagram APK

GB Instagram APK v322. Free Download 2023

App NameGB Instagram
Size60 MB
MOD FeatureDownloading Feature
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 9, 2024

What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram offers a number of additional features in the official Instagram app and can be considered its modified version. Social media usage is on a massive rise these days and people all across the globe use it as a form of communication and entertainment.

Instagram allows users to connect with each other but there are some key problems in it, including the fact that the app does not allow users to download media through it nor does it allow you to copy text.

For all such reasons, people start looking for other alternatives and nothing can prove to be better than GB Instagram APK, which solves all the problems at once. Also Check Instagram MOD.

Copy Text and Images 

You can now copy text, images and videos present on the app and share them directly with whomever you want with GB Instagram. The official Instagram app does not allow you to copy messages or other texts, nor does it provide the option to copy and share images and videos. However, you can now enjoy these features without any hesitation with the application provided. 

Download Media 

The official Instagram application does not allow users to download posts or stories of other people and you will have to download separate apps for this purpose. Also, the profile picture of any individual present on the app cannot be viewed or downloaded. Thanks to GB Instagram APK, you can now download all the media present in the app directly to your gallery and view them whenever you want to. Also, the other user will not be notified if you have downloaded their posts, stories, or their profile picture. 

Copy Description 

Sometimes, we want to copy the description of a particular post for sharing it with someone or searching it on Google for further preferred purposes, but since the official app does not allow such features, you have to either write down the whole text or take a screenshot of it. With GB Instagram, copying the description of any post is now possible and you can fulfill your longest desire by downloading the app. 

Hide Story Seen 

Don’t want anyone to see if you viewed their story? Are you also one of those who keeps on hoping between one social media app to another and views anyone’s stories within an instant? Such things may be a cause of embarrassment for many and thanks to the feature introduced by GB Instagram APK, you don’t have to worry about such problems anymore. Hiding your story seen is possible with the app and you can view whomever’s stories that you want to without getting notified. 

Mark any Conversation as Starred 

Whatever conversation you are more indulged into and like better, you can mark it as starred on the app. Doing so will make the conversation appear at the top of the messages and you can open it again and again whenever necessary. This would save you from the hassle of searching for the chat box whenever you feel the need to text them. 

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