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Download GTA Vice City APK + MOD + OBB v1.72.42919648 Free For Android

App NameGrand Theft Auto: Vice City APK
MOD FeatureUnlimited money 
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 27, 2024

About GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City Android is an epic journey of a criminal named Tommy Verceti who is determined to establish his hegemony in the region. The game is an adventure thriller where the player has to complete various missions before reaching the end. GTA series are famous for their indulging plot along with their detailed shooting aspects, something that is not found in other games of such sort.

It is a role playing game and the player will find himself in the shoes of the main character Tommy. From a number of vehicles present, players must opt for the fastest ones in order to complete their missions faster. Various armaments will aid you to overcome the opponents in the best possible way. 


The plot of Grand Theft Auto is what makes it everyone’s favorite. GTA: Vice City APK Download revolves around a criminal named Tommy Verceti who has recently returned from prison after 15 years. But things do not go as expected after his return as his boss was deceived by some people and now wants to take vengeance from them by sending Tommy.

However, in a turn of events, Tommy succeeds in doing all this and becomes one of renowned criminals in the city. He has opened many businesses and has gained a lot of wealth. The story starts with Tommy trying to escape from a failed drug deal with the Vance brothers. Also, this is the first mission in the game. 


The game is an action plus role-playing where the players will be taking up the role of a criminal and performing all the missions. There are many supercars standing roadside and you can steal any of them in order to drive. Also, the player can kill people hanging out on the beach in order to snatch money from them.

Not only this, there is every option to spread chaos in the city. From robbing banks to looting people, there’s nothing that the player can’t do. Just keep in mind that the police will start following you after you do something illegal but getting away from the police isn’t that much of an arduous task. If you aren’t that familiar with the game, here are some of the things you can do in GTA Vice City Mobile APK to make it look more fun

  • Perform all the missions provided by the game.
  • Even if you are not interested in performing missions, you can take part in additional side police missions. Doing so can earn you a lot of money. All the player has to do is hijack a police car and then start doing these missions. Just keep in mind that don’t get the car crashed otherwise all the missions will be halted. 
  • Taxi missions are another fun thing you can do in the game. Also, these missions do not involve any risk of death and you can do whatever you want to and earn bonuses through it. 
  • You can buy properties in the game. However, don’t end up using all your money for this purpose since this money will be used later on to buy some essential properties to unlock new in-game missions.

GTA Vice City Missions 

Following are the missions present in GTA Vice City APK OBB:

  • Introduction mission where the player has to go to a Safehouse after a failed drug deal with Vance Brothers.
  • Sonny Forelli mission. 
  • Meeting Juan Cortez at a party.
  • Back Alley Brawl where you will have to kill Leo Teal. 
  • Jury Fury where you will have to frighten jury members. 
  • Riot where you will be robbing a bank
  • Four Iron in which you will be assassinating Avery’s opponent. 
  • Demotion Man in which you will cause an explosion in a building. 
  • Treacherous Swine and many more

GTA Vice City System Requirements

In order to get GTA Vice City for PC or laptops, the minimum system requirements are

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
  • Memory: 128 MB of RAM
  • Hard Drive: 915 MB of free space 
  • Graphics: 32 MB video card
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Intel Celeron or 800 MHz Intel Pentium 3 or 1.2 GHz AMD Duron processor 

GTA: Vice City Map

Although the game is based on fictional events and no such city exists in reality, still players have noticed the similarities between Vice City and Miami.

The map of the city is quite similar to that of Miami and somewhat to Cuban and Haitian suburbs. For example, The Colony Hotel in Miami is seen as the Colon Hotel in GTA Vice City. Also, the Cape Florida Lighthouse also resembles the original locations. Many of the islands and the North Bay Village and Normandy Shores golf course, everything is seen similar to that present in Miami.

Why GTA Vice City APK is Must Play?

Fourth Addition to GTA Series

Thinking of playing an old game on your mobile phone from the GTA series? GTA Vice City Download APK can be of a great choice here as it is officially released for both the android and ios devices. This game is setted in a state of the USA called Florida. GTA VC got a lot of praise because of its graphics and gameplay at that time. People still want to play it because of the nostalgic cars and missions. It is the 4th addition to the GTA series, which was released after GTA 3 and before GTA San Andreas.

Map based on Island

If you like islands, then you will be surprised to know that the map of this game is based on an island. Just like GTA 5 Mobile, it also has a story mode, where you will have to do the missions. Some of the missions are very hard to do. If you have already played it, you might know about the helicopter mission where you have to plant the bombs using a drone helicopter. Most of the missions in the game, inspired by the Miami Vice (american drama) are about the gangs in the city.

Missions full of gang wars

The violence between the gangs in the GTA VC APK attracts the players and that is why it is the best selling game of the year 2002. Whether you want to drive a car or if you want to shoot someone, there’s everything in the game, which you can do in an open world game. Your character, known as Tommy, has a health bar. If you get hurt by anything, your health will decrease and if you die, you will be respawned at a hospital near to your death place. Guns make killing more easy and cheats make playing the game more fun.

GTA Vice City Mod Features

Unlimited Money 

Money is a very crucial element in the game since it will be used to buy a lot of stuff. Earning money is not that much of a problem in the game as you can just go on the sidewalks and kill people passing by in order to steal from them. However, some properties require more money and accumulating them compels you to perform extra missions. With GTA Vice City Mod APK, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of money. There’s no restriction and you can do whatever you want to without having to worry about the depleting resources. 

Unlimited Health 

The player can get injured multiple times in the game while trying to complete various missions. Also, many times the wanted level increases and the police are catching you. There are high chances of dying under such scenarios. Thanks to the modded version which provides unlimited health, there is no chance of dying anymore. This indicates that you can perform your missions more fearlessly and accomplish them in no time. 

Unlimited Ammo 

Don’t worry about the depleting resources anymore and just keep on shooting the mafia members till the end. You don’t have to take into account the amount of bullets you are left with in order to compete in any street fight. There’s an unlimited amount of ammunition and you can just keep on shooting aimlessly around. 

All Missions Unlocked

Normally, players will have to complete the missions step by step. However, some missions are pretty difficult and the player wants to skip them in order to move to the next one. Thanks to the mod version, all missions are unlocked and you can enjoy any of these without completing the previous one.  


Is GTA Vice City free now?

Yes, GTA Vice City is now free to download.
Is GTA Vice City a real city?

No, GTA Vice City is based on a fictional storyline and no such city exists in reality. However, there are close resemblances of the city to Miami.Does GTA Vice City ever end?

GTA Vice City is not like other open world games and features a proper ending. Players can complete all the missions and reach the final arc stage.What is Tommy Vercetti’s last mission?

Keep Your Friends Close is Tommy Vercetti’s last mission in the game. This mission will be performed by the character in his mansion in Starfish Island, Vice City.

You are ready to download GTA VC APK

GTA Vice City APK is an action packed thriller where the players will be completing missions in the shoes of the main character called Tommy Vercetti. There are various missions and thanks to the mod version provided, players can access an unlimited amount of features which can make completing these missions even easier. 

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