Hitman 2 APK

Hitman 2 APK

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Name Hitman 2 APK
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Action
Version Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Price Free
Requires 4.4 and up

Hitman 2 APK

Hitman 2 Gold Edition APK is the 7th one in the Hitman series and it gained popularity immediately after its release, most probably because of its realistic display of characters and intense fighting scenes. It is an assassins based video game series, developed originally for Xbox one, Google Stadia, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Developed by IO Interactive and released and published by Warner Bros for high end gaming consoles, this game features a list of traditional fighting moves, though many of the moves are unique to the game. This game is not available for android officially, and you can only download Hitman 2 APK For Android Without Verification on your phone with the link given above.

However, it is highly emphasized that Hitman 2 is a bit of a heavy game and cannot work on all android platforms, you must have some specific versions of android in order to run Hitman PPSSPP. Android devices must have a 4.0 or above version.

If this eligibility criteria is met, Hitman 2 can be downloaded for Android, though the unofficial version would still be the modded one and not the original one. The Modded version has the same high quality graphics and everything else, except the fact that it contains a few additional features.

Hitman 2 Gameplay

In this game, the player will be required to complete various assassin related missions, taking control of the Agent 47 in the process of doing so. Agent 47 is the name of your assassin who is working for an international contract agency. You will be given a lot of missions to complete from this agency. There is a new game mode introduced in this, called the Sniper Assassin Game mode, in which the player will have to complete the missions online either solo or with others, including the standard single player mission completion.

The most interesting aspect of this game is that it has various locations for different missions and each one of them is highly standardized and noteworthy. Players can utilize the sandbox nature of the maps if they need any guidance during the completion of missions. Everything in the game is according to your wish, and you can customize the assortment of weapons, the tactics involved, the ongoing environmental hazards, taking into account the hints from the previous versions of the game.

Many new features are introduced in Hitman 2 including the Picture in Picture feature, which was also seen in Hitman: Blood Money makes a return in this version. 

Hitman 2 First Mission

The first mission in Hitman 2 is Nightcall. In this mission you (Agent 47) will be sent to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand through a boat. Your task would be to break into the house of Shadow Client’s top lieutenant and to search for his identity and whereabouts.

The map of this mission is very easy and you don’t have to search for long about the identity of Shadow Client’s lieutenant. It consists of a large and extravagantly built beach house in the middle of an empty shoreline. Because this is the first mission in the game, it is quite easy and demonstrates the control system of the game to make the player familiar with the basics.

This mission also contains no enemies to make the player accomplish it easily. There is the entry of hostile NPCs after the player has completed the mission, which too can be eradicated easily due to both dim lighting and a good protective cover.

How Long is Hitman 2?

Hitman 2 isn’t that much of a lengthy game, but if you are a gamer who is obsessed with this version and want to take a look at all the aspects of the game, it may take a bit more time than you assume. Coming to the main point of view, Hitman 2 normally takes 10 hours for an average gamer to complete without intervals. However, again it is emphasized that this time is only for mission completion and it would take approximately 123 hours to accomplish all of the side missions.

Hitman 2 Levels

Hitman has almost 21 main levels for the players to complete, each filled with unique adventures and thrilling missions. The most loved map in Hitman 2 is Sapienza which is based on the concept of an Italian paradise of Sapienza. Secondly, Miami is also widely loved among players, a map based on the city of Miami.

These 21 levels include 2 DLC stages as well and the main campaigns of the game are Night call, The Finish Line, Three Headed Serpent, Chasing a Ghost, The Last Yardbird, The Pen and the Sword, Crime and Punishment, Embrace of the Serpent, Illusions of Grandeur, A Silver Tongue, A Bitter Pill etc.

Hitman 2 Multiplayer

There is a multiplayer mode available for Hitman 2. Hitman 3 does not have a Ghost mode and Hitman 2 is shutting down all of its multiplayer servers. The online multiplayer mode that is available for Hitman 2 has certain limitations too, as it is only available in the form of a mode called Ghost mode. So we can say that there is no traditional multiplayer mode for the game.

Another important aspect to be kept in mind for Hitman 2 is that when you and your friend are competing each other in the Ghost mode, you both aren’t competing to kill each other but are rather trying to bring down 5 random targets silently. Who completes the mission first will be declared the winner. You can cause problems for your opponents during the game like using ghost coins to make a guard move against them.

Also, the weapons are very limited in the game. If you succeed to take a weapon from the crate first, your opponent would automatically be deprived of the chance of doing so. This means you need to be quite fast when playing in the Ghost or multiplayer mode.

What’s in Hitman 2 Gold Edition?

Hitman 2 Gold Edition includes the entire game of Hitman 2 and contains some additional features as well, including an executive pack which has an ICA 19 Blackballer Pistol and Italian Black Leather Briefcase and also provides access to the upcoming Expansion Pass which has: New Sandbox Location: New York, Winter sports pack which includes a suit and four other items, a new Sniper Assassin Map, and a Special Assignments Pack.

Can You Play Hitman 2 Offline?

Yes, you can play all of the missions in Hitman 2 without having an internet connection or while being offline but there are some problems or limitations that arise with being offline. You won’t be able to play many missions in the offline mode of the game including Escalation missions and you won’t be able to access Elusive Targets or user-created Contracts.

Also, there are many other challenges that can’t be completed and the player will also not be able to earn XP rewards which are the Mastery level for each destination. So these issues can make offline games very dull and boring and we recommend the player to play the game in an online mode.

Is Hitman 2 Free?

Hitman 2 is not completely free, however, you can play the first mission in this game free of cost. You can experiment all the techniques and tactics on this mission and then proceed to play the next part of the game.

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