How To Get a Honeycomb in Minecraft?

How To Get A Honeycomb In Minecraft?

Honeycomb in Minecraft

Minecraft contains all the essential factors present around us, and this is the key characteristic of the game which makes it so loved and adored among gamers all across the globe. With this being said, it is essential to note that Minecraft features beehives and bee nests, which can provide you with honey.

There are honeycombs too in Minecraft, which will assist you in building those hives yourself and one advantage of these is that the man made version is far more refined and taint less as compared to the natural one. You must proceed towards the inventory of the game and search for a tool called silk touch in order to build this hive yourself. 

How to get a honeycomb in Minecraft?

If you are playing the Minecraft game on survival mode, then you must proceed to follow these guidelines in order to get a honeycomb. 

  1. To proceed with, as obvious, your first task would be to locate a bee nest near you. Doing this isn’t much of an easy job as you will have to search for them in their natural habitat, I.e. flowers. All sorts of flower plains and forests can have them.
  2. Next, pick up your most essential tool, I.e. shear. 
  3. The bees will carry pollen from the flowers to synthesize honey. You will witness this honey through the honey level of the nest. Once it is full, you can put your shovel into it to get it out.
  4. When you have taken out the honeycomb, you will witness it present in your hotbar.

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How to get honey from a beehive in Minecraft?

It is essential that you know how and when to get the honey out of the honeycomb, so that it doesn’t go wasted. You must keep the following guidelines in mind while doing so:

  • First of all, make sure that the honeycomb is drizzling honey when you proceed to take it out.
  • Always try to use a glass bottle for this purpose when trying to fill the honey. 
  • When you devour this honey, your hunger level will be restored up to 6 levels.
  • The most essential factor of engulfing this honey is that it lasts much longer than regular food.
  • Honey can also be used as a medication especially for toxic venoms. 

FAQs: Minecraft Honeycomb

How do you get honeycomb with shears?

For this purpose, first locate a beehive nearby. Once you have done this, proceed to take your shears with you and dig in the bee nest. Then, take the honeycomb with you.

Can you pick up a bee nest in Minecraft with shears?

Yes, you can pick up a bee nest or hive with the help of shears, but again, we warn you that doing such a thing can make those bees go crazy. 

How do you make a bee farm in Minecraft?

You can construct a beehive in Minecraft by placing 6 planks in 2 rows and adding 3 rows of honeycombs in the center of these. In this way, you will be able to place bees in a safe shelter.

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