How To Make an End Portal in Minecraft? (Guide)

How To Make an End Portal in Minecraft?

End portal in Minecraft

Minecraft is a very lengthy game involving lots of details, which makes it very fun and interesting to users. Before, when the game was released, there wasn’t a proper end to it and the players played as long as they desired.

But the developers then added a unique end to it, by introducing the Ender Dragon. This Ender Dragon can’t be approached directly and the players will have to build a special structure called the End Portal in order to access the darkness where this creature lives. 

  • If you are playing in the creative mode, you can construct the End Portal from scratch.
  • If you are playing in the Hardcore or Survival Mode, then you will have to find the damaged portal and then repair it. This End portal could be repaired with the aid of Eyes of Ender.

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Ways to make an end portal in Minecraft

To make an end portal in creative mode, consider following the given steps:

  • First, open the infinite inventory.
  • Then, take 12 Eyes of Ender and 12 End Portal Frames.
  • Now, start building the portal.
  • Dig 3×3 in the ground and stand in it.
  • Start placing the end portal frames with the green sides of the frame facing inside and outside. 
  • Now, get out of the grid.
  • Place Eyes of Ender in the frame and when you place the 12th eye, the portal will automatically be activated.
  • Jump in it to go to the End.

To make an end portal in Survival Mode, you can follow these steps:

  • First of all, find the End Portal in the stronghold using the Eyes of Ender.
  • Then, for constructing the End Portal, you will have to reach the portal room and fill all the lava and destroy the monster spawner.
  • When you see at the top, a broken End Portal will be visible, which you will have to carefully fill with Eyes of Ender in order to activate it.

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FAQs: End Portal in Minecraft

Why is my end portal not working?

The primary reason behind your end portal nor working properly may be due to the way you created your portal. Many users create it wrong by not placing the things in the right order, which leads to these end portal errors. 

How do you make an end portal in creative mode?

Creating an end portal in Minecraft creative mode is pretty easy and you will have to follow these steps in order to do so;

  • First, place all the 12 end portal blocks in a closed ring.
  • The closed ring must enclose an open 3×3 square.
  • Place an eye of ender in each one of them.

Why can I not build an end portal in creative?

There is no need for hunting for frame pieces in the Creative Mode to make an end portal as they are all already available in the inventory. So, you can make your end portal easily from scratch.

Can the End Portal be moved?

Yes, as end portal frames have no collision box in them, so you can easily move entities through them. Although these are considered solid blocks otherwise. 

Can you make your own end portal in survival?

In the survival mode, the end portal will have to be activated by finding the stronghold, as opposed to the creative mode, where this portal can be created from scratch.

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