How To Verify Identity on Cash App? – Benefits of Verifying

Cash App is a very widely used application and has a considerably large number of users. With such large users, arises the frequently asked question of Cash App identity verification.

How to Verify Identity on Cash App

Cash App verification is quite an easy procedure and there is no need to panic at all. The below article will thoroughly analyze and discuss the details about Cash App verifications, verified Cash App accounts, Cash App identity verifications, Cash App business account verifications and more solutions regarding these issues.

A verification tick will appear on the user’s $Cashtag which will indicate that the account is now verified. Consider reading the article below to get a clear insight about the step by step process on Cash App verification.

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What is Cash App Verification?

All social media platforms offer verifications to accounts that belong to celebrities or popular people. Cash App does the same. However, many people are requesting Cash App to verify their accounts which the platform is not accepting at the moment. If, for example, your account is already verified and you change your $Cashtag, phone number or email address after that, then we are displeased to inform you that the verification tick on your account will disappear.

Not having a verified account may be a little troublesome at times, as your account will then be able to send money up to $250 and receive up to $1000 in a month only. But people with verified accounts have much larger limits on money transactions as they can send up to $7500 in a week and receive an unlimited amount. This is a considerable difference right and you know why such a large number of people want their account verified!

We are here to guide you about verifying your Cash App account in a few simple steps which can prove to be very useful for you in the future.

How to Verify Identity on Cash App

The Cash App verification process is pretty simple and the following guide will help you get your account verified:

  • Launch the application on your iPhone or Android.
  • Tap on the Balance icon. 
  • Scroll down and you will find a Funds option.
  • Tap on the Add Card option.
  • A page will appear which will ask for your personal information including name, account number, date of birth, CVV number, and expiration date. 
  • Then again go to the Profile section and enter your SSN.
  • Provide camera access to the application and enter the picture of your desired government-approved ID card.
  • Take a picture of yourself and submit the request. It can take almost 24 hours to get a confirmation text of approval from the application.

Verification of Social Security number and Driver’s License

When you apply for your account’s verification, you will be asked to provide your SSN and a driver’s license or any other government approved ID card. Since Cash App is a legal organization and performs all its tasks in a legal manner, it is insisted that every task performed by the user on the application is reported to the government. This will help a lot in eradicating or at least minimizing scams. As Cash App collects user data to keep a track of all their activity, so Social Security number and Driver’s License are required in the procedure.

How Do You Know If Your Cash App is Verified?

If your account is verified on the application, you will receive a Cash App confirmation email or a notification which will inform you about the particular details. A blue tick will appear on your $Cashtag. You will also see many other changes in your account like:

  • You will see a considerable change in your daily Cash App spending limit. This limit will be changed to $7500 in sending money and an unlimited amount could be received.
  • You will also see a change when the check deposit or direct deposit would be enabled.
  • You could also buy and sell bitcoins and stocks after your account is verified.

Time Duration For Cash App to be Verified

You have to provide all your details including your name, date of birth, address etc. to get your account verified. The normal time duration for your account to be verified is 48 hours or 2 business days. You can verify your account by downloading the Cash App mobile application and then proceed to follow the steps given above. Verifying the Cash App account is highly essential because unverified accounts have very few sending and receiving limits.

Benefits of Verifying Cash App Account

As discussed before, using an unverified Cash App account can be troublesome at times as you are restricted at times. However, the verified account brings with it a lot of features or benefits which the user is sure to enjoy. 

Following are some of the benefits you can enjoy after having a verified Cash App account:

  • The amount limit of receiving and sending money is increased. Now you can transfer money up to $7500 and receive an unlimited amount of money. This feature compels people to send verification requests to the Cash App headquarters.
  • You can enable direct deposit with the help of a verified account.
  • People can buy and sell bitcoins using a verified account. Withdrawing bitcoins is also possible with the help of this.
  • You can invest in the Stock exchange. 
  • Cash App Visa Debit Card can be ordered for free using the verified account.


Cash App is a finance related platform that allows its users to send and receive money. Cash App identity verifications are very important as they provide a lot of benefits to its users. The Cash App verification process is very simple and you just need to download the application and complete the given steps. Also Check Out Cash App ++ if you want to get free money

Business account verifications allow the sending limit to increase up to $7500 per week and the receiving limit is set to infinity. Verified Cash App accounts also enjoy other benefits like enabling direct deposit, easily trading in Stock exchange and buying and selling bitcoins. If you follow all of the above instructions, you will get the answer for how to verify your Cash App account.

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