Megapolis mod apk

Megapolis Mod APK (unlimited megabucks and coins) v10.8 Download

App NameMegapolis Mod APK
Mod FeatureUnlimited Megabucks
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 1, 2024

About Megapolis MOD Apk (Unlimitd Megabucks)

Megapolis is a city-building simulator game with over fifty million, which falls under the category of both strategy and simulation and is available for free on Google Play Store. Do you like playing city-building games like SimCity Buildit Mod Apk and Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk? Well, Megapolis: City Building Simulator is one of the best city-building games with realistic graphics and incredible gameplay. Megapolis is not like any other game as it is built on the accurate economic rules of the market. In this article, we will be specifically talking about Megapolis Mod Apk with unlimited money. So, let’s jump to its gameplay first.

Gameplay of Megapolis MOD APK (Unlimitd Megabucks)

The gameplay of Megapolis is too much addictive as you have to build a city and run it. At the start of the game, you will be given a specific amount of money with which you will have to invest in the city and start making money to build and invest more. You will have to see that which strategy works the best. If you are new to this kind of game, there’s no need to worry as you will be given tips in the beginning that how things work. You have to make perfect decisions in order to make your citizens happy. Not only do you have to become the best tycoon in the world, but also the greatest builder. Every kind of infrastructure is available in the game to build a perfect city. You also have an option to expand your city by connecting it to other lands through bridges. Enlarge the industry as much as possible to increase the business throughout the city.

Buildings & Monuments

As you will be owning and running the city, you can design it as you want to make it look beautiful and attractive. A player can also build some of the famous buildings or monuments in the world, such as the Sydney opera house, the statue of liberty, and the Eiffel tower. Construct the building in such a way that it should not disturb the flow of traffic or does not block the road. Create parks, beaches, and cinemas for the entertainment of the citizens. Doing all the things in favor of the citizens will make them happy, and they will be ready to pay more taxes.

Discover New Things

This game is not only about placing buildings and skyscrapers, but also you can do something new for the city such as building research centers for different specific purposes, for example, research centers for scientific purposes or for the mining of natural resources. During the research, you will find many new materials which you can sell and use in building another thing. This research thing will require a lot of money, but you will not regret investing. 

Download Megapolis Mod Apk (Unlimitd Megabucks)

Megapolis is a game of which you will never be bored, but what if you had unlimited money in it. You could have bought every building or skyscraper and build the best city in the megapolis. So that’s why we are providing you with the Megapolis Mod Apk, in which you will have unlimited money and many other things for free. Just download the Megapolis Mod Apk File from the link given above and enjoy playing megapolis!