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MetaMask APK v7.7.0 Download (Premium unlocked)

App NameMetaMask APK
Mod FeaturePremium Unlocked
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 3, 2023

MetaMask, A Finance Manager

Over the past years, people have looked up for various places to invest their money in. Today, fortunately, there are a lot of investment products or places where you can invest your money in, taking into account the latest trend which is cryptocurrency. Although this currency was introduced in 2009, it started making waves in the past 1 or 2 years. MetaMask APK Download eases your tasks about Cryptocurrency management.

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It is a mobile application which lets the users to browse about cryptocurrency and mainly it offers wallet specially for Ethereum blockchain. Developed by ConsenSys Software Inc, this application was released almost 6 years ago and works for both, IOS and Android operating systems.

Today, this application is used by millions across the globe to manage cryptocurrency. It is just like another digital wallet where you can easily buy, send, or even swap cryptocurrencies with anyone across the globe. MetaMask is extremely safe and secure and you don’t have to worry about privacy or data leakage at all. Feel free to download the apk file of the application from the APK file link given below.

Crypto Wallet

You can use many applications to invest in, today. Many of these sites let you buy and sell foreign exchanges, stock shares etc. In today’s world, a new digital currency is introduced in the market, namely Cryptocurrency. Unlike money, you cannot send and receive this currency easily as it is not real and you will require various apps in the process of doing so.

You can now store all your cryptocurrency assets like Ethereum, ERC-20, and much more in MetaMask. Not only this, MetaMask also allows you to buy, send, spend, and exchange your Crypto very easily. The process for this is pretty simple and you just need to connect to many crypto apps to buy these digital assets.

All of your money and data will be highly safe and password protected in this application, so there is no need to stress out about this at all. You can also connect and browse to other decentralized websites today using this application!

Other Features of MetaMask APK

MetaMask, being such a widely used application, allows a lot of features for its users, especially for those who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency today. Following are some of the features this application offers:

Buying and Sending Crypto

Being such a widely known digital currency, cryptocurrency has compelled users to find a platform where they can invest in it. MetaMask allows you to freely buy and sell crypto today in almost 32 different countries, sitting at your home without making any serious effort.

You can also use various other payment methods to buy and sell Crypto including Apple Pay or Bank Transfer/ Debit Card. By using these, you will also be able to store Crypto to use it anytime. One important thing to note is that this application is only used as a Crypto wallet and not as a trading platform to earn money.

Manage Crypto

If you are also someone who loves investing in latest market trends, then MetaMask is an application you should definitely try downloading. With this, you can easily invest in bonds, mutual funds, stocks, certificates of deposits, savings accounts, and Cryptocurrency.

We all know that cryptocurrency is one of the most popular among all, with people all over the world trying to invest in it. Some countries have also adopted crypto as their legal currency and are further promoting its use. If you are also one of these enthusiasts, whether a newbie or an old one, you definitely need to download MetaMask now! 

Pay Using MetaMask

You can now pay your bills or make other other payments using this application. MetaMask is used as a digital wallet and lets you store your assets which will be further helpful in purchasing digital art, publishing content, playing NFT games, and much much more. Moreover, MetaMask is highly safe and secure with password protected technology so you don’t have to worry about data leakage at all.

Pros & Cons of Using MetaMask APK


  • MetaMask is a very secure application, free from all sorts of malware.
  • It is also considered as an excellent means for accessing Ethereum Blockchain.


  • Unfortunately, the only browser supported by this application is Google Chrome.
  • Some people have also pointed towards the leakage of personal information from the application’s browser extension a major demerit.

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How To Download MetaMask APK:

MetaMask is a very popular application and you can download it for free from Google Playstore. However, problems may arise during the process of doing so, as some users find it hard to download it from there. For this reason, we have provided you the apk version of the application to make it more easy and convenient for you. Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to get this application:

  • First of all, tap on the APK link for the application given below.
  • Then, go to your phone’s settings and allow unknown sources to work. This can be done by going to Menu> Settings> Allow Unknown Sources.
  • Further, proceed to the downloads section of your phone. Tap on the last downloaded APK file.
  • The application will now start installing on your phone.


Taking into account the pros and cons of this application, it is clearly evident that its pros surpass the cons. With MetaMask, you will be able to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrency, which is one of the latest market trends these days.

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