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Minecraft 1.15 APK

Minecraft is a very fun and interesting game based mainly on blocks. Developed by Mojang, this game is equally loved by people of all ages alike. The players will be allowed into a wilderness in the beginning where they will encounter species like mobs, villagers and various animals, and it is up to the player to survive on his own. A number of game modes are present in the game including adventure mode, survival mode, hardcore modes, and creative modes etc.

minecraft 1.15

Minecraft has a never ending map made out of blocks, which provides a great opportunity for players to explore the different locations and never get tired of it. The Minecraft 1.15 update is a new addition to the game, which has introduced bees and other bee-related stuff. Also, other sorts of technical errors have been fixed and the game has now become more enjoyable and fun.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.15 APK?

Following is the list of new additions in Minecraft 1.15 update:

  • A lot of new bees are added.
  • This update involves addition of beehives and bee nests.
  • When the player kills an entity, the experience orbs and the loot will appear together at the same place.
  • Honey bottles and honeycombs are added.
  • There is an addition of iron golem healing.
  • A new honeycomb block is also added.
  • Many such features are added which were present in other Minecraft editions before.
  • Dispenser changes have also occurred. 
  • The inventory models are now much brighter.

Technical changes in Minecraft 1.15 APK

The technical advancements which were made in Minecraft 1.15 update are:

  • A spectate command is added.
  • A general-purpose storage for data commands is added.
  • There is a loot table addition which is defined in separate files and will be used for various tasks; to execute the commands and for entity selection.
  • The schedule command is fixed which will now allow users to schedule a number of times.
  • The loot table and advancement are extended. 
  • There is a distinction between the actual enchantments and the stored enchantments in the item’s predicate.

Gameplay of Minecraft 1.15 APK

Along with some new additions and technical advancements, there are also some changes to the gameplay of Minecraft. Following are some of the changes which took place in 1.15 update gameplay:

  • All of the food present in the game is now edible.
  • There is a bee requirement for ‘two by two’ advancement.
  • There is a need for honey bottles in the game to pursue a balanced diet.
  • The parrots and the bats can be unlocked by breeding bees.
  • The ‘Take Aim’ feature can be unlocked by using Spectral arrows.
  • There is now a difference between the actual and the stored enchantments in the item’s predicate.