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Minecraft Beta APK Download v1.20.0.21 Free For Android - Minecraft Beta Android

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Name Minecraft Beta APK
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Arcade
Size 569M
Price Free
Requires 5.0 and up

Minecraft Beta APK 

Looking to download the Minecraft Beta APK on your Android device? Discover the latest features and improvements in this popular sandbox game.

Like many Minecraft editions, the Beta version is one of them which is released prior to the original version's launch and is normally used for testing purposes.

Minecraft Beta Download

Developed by Mojang, the Beta version is used as a testing ground for new features and is also utilized to eliminate the bugs present in the game. The Beta Minecraft version is developed for Android devices and the players won't have access to realms in this.

Players may witness additional features in this game version, which may not be seen present in the original one including new biomes, mobs, and other items.

Keep in mind that the Beta versions of the game aren't considered that stable and it is for this reason that players are advised to back up their worlds before shifting to the Minecraft Preview. 

How to Download Minecraft Beta APK?

To download Minecraft Beta APK, consider following the below mentioned steps

  • In order to download the APK file of Minecraft Beta, tap on the download link available above. 
  • Allow unknown files to install APK Files from your Settings and install the file from the downloads section. 
  • Alternatively, if you want to download it on PC, you can also use an Android emulator for this purpose. 
  • All you have to do is open the emulator and navigate to find Google PlayStore through it. 
  • Search for the app and start downloading it. 
  • After downloading, install the package and enjoy the game on your PC. 

How To Download Minecraft Beta

Download Minecraft APK

New Features and Changes in Minecraft Beta APK

The new features and changes in the Beta edition of the game depends upon the specific version of the game you are using. 

In order to provide a general view, following are some of the features and changes that have been seen in the Beta version of Minecraft:


  • Sign Improvements: New changes have been made to the game and the players can now write on both sides of the sign, wax it using a honeycomb, and edit it after being placed.
  • Goat: This new mob has been added to the game which is a passive mob and can be milked and bred.
  • Potion effect: Some changes have been made to the potion effect previously but the new beta update has reversed the changes.
  • Moss Blocks: Previously, the moss blocks were seen lacking in shipwrecks. Now, they are again present in the supply chests of these shipwrecks.
  • Bundles: Bundles have been added to the game which allow the players to place more than one item together in the inventory. 

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Known Bugs and Issues in Minecraft Beta APK

Minecraft Beta APK may contain various bugs and other issues depending upon the version you are using. Some of the issues noticed in various Beta updates in the game are:


  • Lags: Some players have witnessed lags in the Beta version of the game, which leads to poor performance.
  • Connectivity problems: Many of the players have reported connectivity problems in Minecraft Beta APK, particularly while joining the multiplayer mode or when trying to connect to other servers.
  • Bugs: Other game bugs have been taken into account particularly during world generation like incorrect biomes etc.
  • Game crashes: Many of the players have also claimed that the game crashed multiple times while they were trying to play. They have said that the game freezes at the same point for a long time, leading to poor game performance and consequently, lack of attraction for the game.

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