Minecraft Earth APK + MOD

Minecraft Earth APK + MOD

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Name Minecraft Earth APK + MOD
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Adventure
MOD Features Removed License Check
Version 0.33.0
Size 64M
Price Free
Requires 4.4 and up

What is Minecraft Earth?

One of the most played games on the Internet is back with a new version, Minecraft Earth, which is developed by Mojang Studios and consists of some additional features not present in the previous one. For the very first time, Mojang Studios introduced a gameplay which allows players to interact in a virtual world while they themselves are not a part of it.

In this game, you can take part in building competitions and make something creative out of it. While talking about building, it is essential to note that doing so will require the relevant resources and the player must get a handful of them. The best part of the game is that it is very open and doesn’t hinder the creativity in players and you can build whatever you want. The sky’s the limit. Keep following your desires and build a mighty empire of your own.

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Minecraft Earth Server

The Minecraft Earth Server allows you to take a thorough look of your surroundings and explore around. With this, you can easily take into account all the detailed features of the Minecraft Earth Map as the server uses NASA Satellites for this purpose.

The details included in the server are very fine, leaving the player awestruck for a minute. Almost 1,000,000 players have already used this server and this is a speaking proof of its success. Not only this, you can also create an empire of your own using this server. This may include stuff from a small town to a mighty nation. There is absolutely no limit on it.

Furthermore, after creating an empire of your own, you can then start selling plots to participate in real estate business in the game. This will aid in enhancing the economy and boosting up the trade relations of the empire. You can find almost 500+ shops which are all customized by the players in the game and you can start the process of buying and selling using gold currencies. 

Fight against mobs

Hostile mobs are something that all of us hate, but unfortunately, you have to deal with them either way. But don’t worry, with the latest weapons in your hand, there is absolutely nothing to fear, as you can now get rid of them easily. One essential point to notice is that despite the fact that you kill all the hostile mobs, some dangerous ones may be hiding out there and keeping yourself safe from there is your key task. As soon as you encounter them, make sure you kill them in the first blow.

Build anything

Minecraft gamers know pretty well how satisfying it is to create a world of their own, in which they have complete autonomy and control over everything. We all do wish that sometimes, but when finally the dream is coming true, even in a virtual world, why not avail the chance of doing so?

A number of resources and materials will be available to you and you can make use of them to create something wonderful out of it. A mighty empire of your own awaits you and get ready to control an empire like a pro. Also, become a trader by specializing in trade relations to boost up the economy of your nation. 

Easy gameplay

The best part about Minecraft Earth is that it features a very simple and intuitive touch control mechanism along with easy gameplay that allows users of all age groups to equally enjoy the game. Controlling your characters is pretty easy and all you have to do is keep on building new and new stuff in the game.

Enabling the gestures and touch commands will make the game even more simpler and achieving your required goals becomes even more easier. With this, you can explore around with the aid of virtual maps present and enhance your knowledge of the surroundings. Dealing with stock exchange is also possible and you can boost up the economy of your empire using the server of Minecraft Earth. 


Why was Minecraft Earth canceled?

Due to multiple reasons going on, especially the ongoing global crisis, the game was officially closed on 30th June, 2021. This led to a lack of fun games and resources on the internet, since the game proved to be a very good leisure activity for many out there. 

What devices can use Minecraft Earth?

If taking into account iOS devices, iOS 10 and higher versions can be considered compatible for this game. For Android phones, version 7 and above are compatible with Minecraft Earth. 

How do you play Earth on Minecraft Mobile?

Since the game is no longer available on the internet, you can click on the APK link given above to download and play the game. Doing so will require you to change the settings of your device and allow unknown sources to work. 

Is Minecraft Earth on Play Store?

Yes, Minecraft Earth is available on the Play Store as well as on the App Store, however, getting the APK file seems to be more convenient since the official versions are not working everywhere. 

Where do you find diamonds in Minecraft Earth?

The diamonds in Minecraft can be found under the ground and you will have to mine them when the area nearby is safe and clear. Consider mining in the lower levels under the ground since there are high possibilities of finding one. 


Minecraft Earth APK is a an interesting game like MCPE that allows the players to take part in building related activities and also allows a chance to explore the surroundings. The Minecraft Earth Server allows users to explore and expand their towns and create an empire of their own and boost up their own economy. 

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