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Minecraft PE 1.1.2 APK Download Free For Android

App NameMinecraft PE 1.1.2 APK
SizeVaries with device
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 25, 2023

Minecraft PE 1.1.2 Update

Minecraft has had many updates since its original release because the game was released almost 12 years ago and to keep up with the current gameplay, the developers have to make many changes and additions in the game. New additions in the game include many new blocks and woodland mansions which prove to be quite arduous to find.

New additions in Minecraft PE 1.1.2

New blocks

Minecraft 1.1.2 update is basically based on exploring the overall world and contains items relative to that, however, there are many new additions in the blocks too. Concrete blocks can be found in the game and you can also craft concrete powder using these.

It can be done by mixing sand, gravel and any one of the 16 dyes available in the game. Glazed terracotta is also a new addition in the Minecraft 1.1.2 update which has a unique or rather peculiar sort of texture. 


One of the most interesting additions in the game after the 1.1.2 update are the dungeons which are also known as the woodland mansions. It is a relatively large structure visible at a considerable distance. This entire structure is made out of wood and wool so setting it on fire is easy.

The player can access many hidden chests and resources here, present in the floors and the walls of the dungeon. Finding this place is very difficult and placing them on fire is the easiest way you can find them.


Minecraft PE 1.1.2 update has brought many new additions like new blocks including concrete and concrete powder and dungeons, which can be spotted from a distance.

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