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Minecraft PE 1.16.40 APK Free Download

App NameMinecraft PE 1.16.40 APK
SizeVaries with device
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 26, 2023

What is Minecraft 1.16 40 APK?

Minecraft is a very popular game especially among children aged between 10 to 15. This game allows players to build buildings and empires. Apparently, this game may look like a simple one, but it has a complex gameplay. You will have to build your own empire and colonies in order to protect yourself against the enemy. This game teaches both defensive and offensive strategies and analyzes your decisive power during times of crisis.

The new update of Minecraft PE 1.16 40, has many new additional features to make the game look even more fun and interesting. You get hooked to it and continue striving to build more and more colonies in order to win the game. The lust for power and resources is a Human nature and this is completely exhibited in this game. We will be analyzing some key features in the new update of the game below.

New Additions in Minecraft PE


You will already be familiar with the concept of blocks in Minecraft and the 1.16 update introduces a new block called Target Block. It is used as a source of target and upon hitting the block, you will find a red stone emitting from it.

Other blocks include Soul Fire, Soul Torch, Soul Campfire, Nether Roots, Nether Sprouts, Soul Lantern, Fungus, Stems, Hyphae, Warped Wart Block, Nylium, Shroomlight, Basalt, Polished Basalt, Blackstone, Chiseled Polished Blackstone, Polished Blackstone, Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks, Quartz Bricks, Soul Soil, Cracked and Chiseled Nether Bricks, Twisting Vines, Weeping Vines, Block of Netherite, Ancient Debris, Crying Obsidian and much more.

New Biomes

4 new biomes are included in the new update of Minecraft.

The Crimson Forest: This forest resembles a lot to The Upside Down from Stranger things and looks like a dense forest with nether wart blocks. You can find many Piglins and Hoglins spawning here. 

The Warped Forest: This is a little less horror version of the forest as it is less dense and contains fungi like plants and coral leaves. You can find Endermen here. 

The Soul Sand Valley: There are many fossils, blue fog, and soul sand here. It is a little dull forest with little glow from blue fire blocks and you can collect as much soul sand as you want from here.

The Basalt Deltas: This is a very horrifying and dangerous biome as it contains many active volcanoes made of Basalt and Blackstone. You can also encounter molten lava, magma cones, magma blocks, gravel, glowstone, and mushrooms here in this biome.


Netherite Scrap: You can make this Netherite Scrap by smelting ancient debris in a furnace. By mixing 4 pieces of gold and 4 pieces of Netherite Scrap in a crafting grid, you will obtain Netherite ingot.

Lodestone Compass: This compass works in any direction and you can connect it with Lodestone to point it in that direction.

Pig step music disc: It is actually a song that can be heard in Bastion Remnants, composed by Lena Raine. It has a very different and unique shade of red.

Soul Speed Enchanted Book: This item enhances the boots thereby increasing their speed, enabling them to run faster on soul sand and soul soil. This item will prove to be of much help during the game.

Game Fixes

Many lags and errors which occurred in the game were fixed during the new update of the game. Some of these fixes are:

  • The login button did not work properly before in Minecraft. But this update fixed the bug and now it works properly.
  • There was an authorization error which used to occur on Nintendo Switch devices. This bug is also fixed. 
  • The crashes which occurred during login on IOS devices are also fixed in the new update.

Other Features of The Game

This game offers an amazing experience to the players and following are some of the key features it provides:

  • It is an action packed adventure game and will make the player hooked to it.
  • You can build anything you want in this game, including farms, empires or colonies.
  • Minecraft is like a free world. You can move freely anywhere and break or build whatever you desire.
  • The graphics quality of the game is beyond amazing and this 3D graphics quality makes it even more satisfying.
  • There are a number of rewards given to the player which can be used further for buying different items.
  • The APK version of the game allows additional features and is free of cost.
  • The best part of the game is that it is easily available for both android and iOS operating systems. 

Minecraft 1.16.40 Download Free

Minecraft is a very indulging and fun game and the new update is an addition to all these features. This game is the best solution for those who want to spend their leisure time nicely but avoid playing difficult games. Minecraft is a combination of fun and thrill at the same time. 

You can download this game by clicking at the apk link given below. Allow unknown sources to install apk files in your phone and then proceed to the downloads section of your phone. Tap the downloaded APK file and Minecraft will be installed on your device for free.

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