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App NameMinecraft PE 1.18.32 APK
SizeVaries with device
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 29, 2023

Minecraft consists of a lot of detailed features, including various resources and biomes. The game is featured on blocks and Mojang keeps on adding more of them in every new update. Also, various adjustments and technical errors are resolved with every new update in the game.

Minecraft 1.18.32 is a new update in Minecraft that now only has new additions in it but all the previous lags and errors are fixed in it. The players can now put the frames on blocks which was not possible previously.

Also, the mobs faced difficulty while passing through the passageways as there were some lags in it, all of which are solved now.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.18.32


Minecraft contains a lot of biomes originally as the landscape in the game is quite diverse and interesting. Many new biomes were added in the caves and mountains region before but now the game creators have added even more biomes to increase the diversity and thus, enhance the gameplay.

Stony peaks are present in the mountainous regions and you will also find some mountain goats having horns in these regions. These horns can prove to be very essential for the players. If you require a horn, consider colliding the goat with a stiff block in order to get that.

All those players who are in a quest of resources must look in the Dripstone caves as copper ores and other sorts of blocks can be found present there. 


Warden is one of the most horrible mobs present in the game which everyone considers the most scary. The new 1.18.32 update has made the character of the Warden even more terrifying and angry. He will now be annoyed at anyone who dares to come in contact with him.

Also, one of the most important points to notice is that the Warden can feel the player by his vibration, so it is better to hide at a considerable distance from him. 


Many new blocks are added in the 1.18.32 Minecraft update and there are many glowing blocks, swampy biome blocks etc. In the former, there is a frog light block that glows and although it has no significant use, it can serve a very important role for aesthetic reasons. 

Spectator Mode

A new mode called the Spectator Mode has been added in which the players will be able to search for any caves or openings and go through any block in the game.


Minecraft 1.18.32 update has brought a lot of new things like new biomes, glowing blocks, Spectator mode and enhanced character display. The gameplay of Minecraft has become significantly better with this update. The bugs and errors have also been fixed.

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