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Name Minecraft PE 1.19.21
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Arcade
Version 1.19.21
Size 160M
Price Free
Requires Android

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The Minecraft 1.19.21 update has introduced plenty of new features i.e. Deep dark biome and mangrove swamps which will make the game much more interesting. This update has fixed many of the bugs and errors which existed before. Some of the errors which were present before included the inability of the kill command to toss chests out of the boat when perishing stuff and the hindrance in placing a carpet or crop block over some unfilled object. Thanks to the upgrade, no such problem exists anymore. 

New Additions in Minecraft PE 1.19.21

Deep Dark Biome

A new biome has been added in the Minecraft world called the Deep Dark where the players can explore and find various things. This biome features various hidden and scary dungeons. Also, there are some rare blocks present in these biomes called the Sculk Sensors and Sculk Shrieker. Although this biome has very unique characteristics and the players want to explore it to the fullest, utmost caution must be exhibited during the process of doing so since one can encounter very dangerous mobs here. These mobs are so powerful that even if the player is heavily armed, it won't take him more than 2 blows to fall down. 

Mangrove Swamps 

Another addition in the game is mangrove swamps which caught the attention of the players. This area is of particular interest for the users because it contains some special wood and trees which the player can cut down and use for varied purposes. Also, in case the player makes doors out of the material collected from the mangrove swamp region, these would be flammable. Not only this, there are other interesting things in this region including blocks of dirt (which can be used for construction purposes) and frogs. 

Bug fixes in Minecraft PE 1.19.21

Minecraft players can now easily download the 1.19.21 update which has solved a lot of bugs but has introduced some new ones too. Minecraft is considered one of the best games out there and this cannot be attributed to the gameplay alone but the rapid updates which have managed to keep up with the changing time. Following are some of the bugs which were fixed after the Minecraft 1.19.21 update

  • Prior to the update, the name of the mob written above it was at a little distance. This issue is resolved after this update.
  • The game does not crash anymore during the middle. 
  • All the paid stuff was previously being accessed for free which is not possible now.
  • Some players witnessed the appearance of graphical artifacts while playing the game. This bug was completely fixed during this update. 
  • Another issue was that the villagers' clothing did not portray the profession they belonged to and no such case is there now.
  • Some blocks had an option of 'update blocks' written on them in the market. This case is solved in the 1.19.21 edition. 

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