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Name Minecraft PE 1.19.10
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Arcade
Version 1.19.10
Size 160M
Price Free
Requires Android

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Minecraft developers have released a new 1.19.10 update for Android which has brought with it a number of additions along with many bug fixes. Hop on to the below mentioned article to get a thorough insight into this update

Changes in Minecraft PE 1.19.10 

Following are some of the changes which took place in Minecraft 1.19.10 update


The catalyst block shows a glowy bloom effect when a mob dies next to it. This block is normally used to generate skulks in the region where a mob died. 


The zombie mobs have changed a little and will no longer be found driving trolleys and boats. This is limited to only those zombie villagers who do not have a profession. Also, the zombies can break through the door and attack the users if they opt for a greater difficulty level. However, there is only a 10% probability of this. Also, if the player has a golden armor, piglins won't pose a threat. 

Spectator Mode 

Spectator Mode has undergone lots of changes in the game. Users can hold any object in this game mode, however, there will be no effect of anything on the user. 


The Allay has somewhat changed in the game. If there is a jukebox playing nearby, Allay will start dancing. It stops dancing as soon as it moves away from the jukebox. 

Other changes 

There are some other changes in the game too. For example, the locate command can now be used to find any structure or biome. In case the player dies, his cause of death will appear on the screen. 

Bug fixes in Minecraft PE 1.19.10 

Following are some of the bug fixes which took place in Minecraft 1.19.10 update

  • The game used to crash while entering the Coin Starter Bundle Screen. This bug has been removed. 
  • The camera settings are fixed and the player can easily enter the boat in the vertical camera angle. 
  • Player's mining speed can be increased. 
  • If the player dies while swimming, the hitboxes can be reset. 
  • The Ancient world structures resemble those of Java edition now. 
  • Villagers can now escape from Zoglins. 
  • Wardens can pass through lava and water. 
  • Elytra's animation is fixed.
  • The grass blocks have dirt blocks placed beneath them in the Mangrove swamps. 
  • Parrots die while eating cookies. 
  • Whatever item is held by Allay glows in the dark. 
  • Warden gets aggressive in case of minor inconvenience witnessed. 
  • The damage caused by Warden's Sonic Boom attack can outpass the protection granted by enchantments. 

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