Minecraft Smite Vs Sharpness: Which One is Better?

Minecraft Smite Vs Sharpness

Smite vs Sharpness in Minecraft

Minecraft consists of many detailed items as well as some enchantments which have the ability to boost up the performance of any item when applied to them. Like many others, Smite and Sharpness are also much used enchantments in the game, known for enhancing the effect of swords. These can be used easily with the aid of an enchanting table and an anvil.

Choosing the right enchantment for the right item is one of the most crucial parts of the game. Both of these enchantments will enchant your weapon but the level of damage done is where the difference arises. The level of these range from 1 to 5 and the level of damage inflicted by Sharpness is much greater unless there are undead mobs to which the other does more damage.

Undead mobs present in the game include phantoms, strays, drowned, withers, wither skeleton, zombie piglins, zoglins, skeleton horses, husks, zombie horses.

What is better?

Both Smite and Sharpness enchant the damage capability of weapons and increase their harm causing capability. This simultaneously enhances the killing capacity of the players.

Though Sharpness inflicts much less damage than Smite, the former still can be considered better than the latter in the game. This is particularly because of the fact that the latter can only prove to be of any use when encountering undead mobs, while the former can inflict damage to any of the mobs including spiders, Ender Dragon, and other undead mobs.

Since there is a restriction on the player in the game to choose only one of the enchantments, then Sharpness is highly recommended under such a scenario.

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Is Smite better than sharpness in Minecraft?

No, although Smite has a much more damage level than Sharpness but its limitation to cause harm to only undead mobs is what makes it lesser than Sharpness.

Which is better: sharpness 5 or smite 5?

Smite 5 has much more damage level than Sharpness 5 but the problem is that it only works well with undead mobs.

Is Smite better on a sword or Axe?

Swords prove to be much more useful for undead mobs rather than axes, it is for this reason that Smite works better with swords. 

What is Smite good against?

Smite proves to be very useful against all the undead mobs including zombies, withers, wither skeletons, drowned, zombified piglins, etc.


Like many other enchantments in the game, Smite and Sharpness are also one and they are used particularly to increase the damage capacity of weapons including swords. Although Sharpness inflicts lesser damage, it is considered far better than Smite because of the wide range of targets it can hit.

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