PGSharp mod apk

PGSharp Mod APK (Unlimited Money) V1.196.1

App NamePGSharp Mod APK
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024

We know that the modified version of the application contains new additional features which add more fun to the game. Are you also a fan of Pokemon Go and want more features? Yes! We got what you are looking for! If you want to have the ability to catch Pokemon anywhere across the world, then download the PGSharp Mod APK or Pokemon Go Mod APK.

What is PGSharp MOD APK?

If you are a game lover, you would have definitely played Pokemon. This game has grabbed everyone’s love and was the center of attraction till many years after its release. It is a franchise that is widely loved and has created many iconic moments since then. This game is played by over a million users today, and the most popular among them has been Pokemon Go. The most exciting moment in the game is when the player catches Pokemon in the real world. In PG Sharp , you will be able to catch Pokemon in any part of the world without moving.

Since this is the modified version of the game, it will allow you to enjoy many more features as the developers solved the key problem users face while playing this game. Players will be able to catch the Pokemon in any area they want without even going to that area. You can easily catch this Pokemon with this tool as this offers a joystick which will help you to move easily and catch the Pokemon.

What do you do in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, you can collect Pokemons which will help you fight others and win the matches. This game has very interesting gameplay and is an interactive experience for the players. You can catch as many Pokemons as you want in the real world, but with this feature comes a demerit too. Players won’t be able to catch other types of Pokemons without visiting other places.

There are unique Pokemons in different unusual places which you have to catch, and finding them won’t be an easy job for you. But we have made this job easy for you. With PGSharp, you will be able to catch all those Pokemons without physically visiting that location. It is because this application makes the game think that the user is moving, while in reality this is not the case. So this will help you make a round across the world easily.

Other Features of PGSharp Mod APK

Use of Joystick

Normally, when you play the game in the normal application, the player will have to face a lot of difficulty moving to different places in order to catch the Pokemon. However, this problem has been solved in the Mod version of the game or PG Sharp App. You will trick the game into thinking that you are moving to different places in order to catch the Pokemon, however, you will be staying in one place and catching all the Pokemons there. You can roam around the world while staying in the same place.

Go Anywhere

You can now play this game anytime you want and in any corner of the world. You just require 3 things: an android device that supports this application, a good internet connection for the game to run smoothly and this game downloaded on your phone. As many games and applications have country restrictions, this game does not. This is also one of the reasons that this game gained such a huge number of followers within a relatively short period of time.

Speed of the Player

Catching Pikachu is very difficult, right? This is the key area where users find difficulty in the game. But worry not! We are here to solve your problem with an excellent update in this tool. You can now adjust the speed of the player as much as you want. You can either slow the player when the need arises, or can also increase the speed of the player to catch the Pikachu easily. This feature will help you a lot in winning the game.

Radar System

The radar system is useful in locating the Pokemons. The system in PGSharp APK will let you know at which place exactly are the Pokemons present, what they are doing and what is the approximate distance between you and them. This feature will help you catch a lot of Pikachu and you will ultimately win the game. You can also get outstanding scores and come to the top of the list using this version of the game.

Location Saving Option

There are times when your electricity goes off or you accidentally close the application. Also, sometimes you face a lot of workload in your office which compels you to stop the game immediately. And if you do not save the game, you will be forced to play the game again from the very beginning. This becomes very annoying at times. That is why, PGSharp tool helps you save the last location in which you were present so you can start off from there when you open the application again.

How to Get the PGSharp Activation Key?

In this standard version, you will be able to get lots of amazing features like Pokemon Feed, Custom GPS, Spawn Booster, Auto walk, Quick Catch, Block Non-Shiny, Skip Evolve Animation, Virtual Go Plus, and much more. You can buy all these features with only $5.0. After that you will be able to get the activation key and place your license into it. Then you will be able to enjoy all these features. However, we are providing it for free.

Many of the applications require a rooted mobile device and some people think that this is the case with this tool too. However, this is exactly not the case with PGSharp. You can download and install this application without a rooted device. You can download PGSharp Mod APK from the link given above. You just have to allow unknown resources to install apps in your phone and then you can start installing it.