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Alakh Pandey


24 MB


Android 8 and up

March 5, 2024

MOD Includes: All Batches Unlocked

PW Mod Apk, is an educational app designed to make learning accessible and engaging for students. Led by Alakh Pandey Sir, PW aims to provide quality education to every student. The app covers a wide range of subjects, from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to Commerce, Biology, and more. It offers a variety of features, including live and recorded lectures, mock tests, study materials, and personalised coaching through PW Saarthi. 

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Physics Wallah (PW) offers live lectures providing real interaction to students. It also has an option to watch those live lectures later on as recorded lectures are available for revision and clearing doubts, making sure you grasp every concept. 

Main Features of PW App :

The main features of PW are:

Mocks and Practice Tests

PW also includes mock tests and test practice series for self-assessment, along with lecture-wise notes for detailed study. You can challenge yourself and build confidence through tests whose design is based on real tests. 

Study Material

PW free library has notes from toppers, Q&As from previous years, and more. The study material, including video lectures on various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and more, is designed to boost students’ confidence and comprehension. 

PW Saarthi

PW has a feature PW Saarthi, offering a personal coach for every subject, guiding students through their academic journey. Additionally, PW Skills provides expert-led courses to help students upskill and upgrade their resumes. 

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How to Use the PW App?

  1. Download:
  • Download the “PW App” from apksolider. com by clicking on the download button. 
  1. Create Account:
  • Sign Up: Begin by signing up on the Physics Wallah app. Provide necessary details and create your account. 
  • Login: After signing up, log in to your newly created account. Use your credentials to access the app. 
  1. Explore the App:
  • Dashboard :Once logged in, you’ll land on the dashboard. Explore the features available, such as live lectures, study materials, and more. 
  • Subject Selection: Choose your desired subject or exam preparation track from the app’s menu. This helps tailor the content to your needs. 
  1. Live Lectures and Recordings
  • Join Live Lectures: Join live lectures by navigating to the scheduled classes. Participate in real-time discussions with the instructor. 
  • Watch Recorded Lectures: Access recorded lectures in the app to catch up on missed content at your convenience. 
  1. Practice with Mock Tests:
  • Mock Tests Section: Head to the mock tests section for exam-like practice. These tests have real exam conditions to help you prepare effectively. 
  • Test Practice Series: Engage in the test practice series to challenge yourself with a variety of questions. Sharpen your skills and build confidence. 
  1. Explore Study Materials:
  • Free Library: Dive into the free library for study materials. Find notes from toppers, previous years’ Q&As, and additional resources to enhance your understanding. 
  1. Personalised Coaching:
  • PW Saarthi: Utilise PW Saarthi for personalised coaching. Your personal coach will guide you through subjects and assist with any challenges. 
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PW Mod Apk

PW Mod Apk, or Physics Wallah, is an educational app. It covers various subjects, offering live and recorded lectures, mock tests, and study materials. With features like personalised coaching through PW Saarthi, it provides a comprehensive learning experience.

Simply download, create an account, explore subjects, and engage in live or recorded lectures. Mock tests and study materials aim to boost confidence, making PW Mod Apk a valuable tool for students.