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Shadow Fight Roguelike v1.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

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150 MB


Android 8 and up

March 5, 2024

MOD Includes Unlimited Money & Gems

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Shadow Fight Roguelike MOD APK is a mobile game where you play as Shadow, navigating through different worlds and battling enemies. The game features mysterious Shadow Rifts which grant special powers called Shades. Your mission is to close these Rifts and discover their secrets. The game has easy-to-learn combat, allowing you to defeat enemies with strategic moves and powerful magic. 

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As you progress, you collect Shades, which are unique abilities that make your character stronger. The adventure takes you through three distinct worlds, each with new challenges and foes. You can also connect with other players, share your experiences, and participate in competitions to win prizes. The game also offers offline play. 

Main Features of Shadow Fight Roguelike:

The main features of Shadow Fight Roguelike are:

Appealing Graphics:

You get to enjoy a 2D world with great graphics. The realistic combat animations bring the game to life, creating a captivating atmosphere filled with shadows and remarkable landscapes. 

Exciting Fights:

Experience thrilling battles with an easy-to-learn combat system. Defeat your enemies using epic combat sequences, powerful magic, and  weapon choices. 

Surprises Every Time:

Play different adventures each time. Fight new enemies, absorb Shadow Energy, and collect Shades which are random powerful abilities that add surprise. Experiment with different Shades, unlock synergies, and develop a playstyle that makes you unstoppable. 

Explore Shadow Rifts:

Explore three different worlds through Shadow Rifts. The game opens paths to an expanded Shadow Fight universe, introducing new challenges and dangerous enemies that enhance the overall gaming experience. 

Connect with Gamers:

Stay connected with the gaming community by connecting on social media platforms. Learn tips and tricks from fellow players, share your in-game adventures, and participate in competitions for exciting prizes. 

Play Anywhere:

Shadow Fight Roguelike can be enjoyed offline, providing flexibility in gameplay. 

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How to Play Shadow Fight Roguelike?

  1. Download:
  • Download “Shades:Shadow Fight Roguelike” from apksolider. com by clicking the download button. 
  1. Learning the Basics:
  • Start by creating a character, choose a  character and give them a name. 
  • Use the virtual joystick on the screen to move your character. 
  • Learn the basic moves by practising fights in the training area. 
  1. Battles:
  • Tap on the attack buttons to hit the enemies. Combine taps for cool combos. 
  • Don’t forget to use the defence button to block enemy attacks. 
  1. Collecting Shades:
  • Explore different places through Shadow Rifts. 
  • Defeat enemies and collect Shades. 
  • Combine Shades for powerful abilities. 
  1. Exploring Worlds:
  • Use Shadow Rifts to travel to three different worlds. 
  • Each world has different and tougher enemies to fight. 
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Shadow Fight Roguelike Mod Apk

Shadow Fight Roguelike Mod Apk is a fun game where you play as  the hero, Shadow. Your job is to travel through mysterious Shadow Rifts, beat enemies, and use special powers called Shades. The game features 2D graphics, making the fights and places you explore look appealing.

The adventures change every time you play, keeping things exciting. Also, you can talk to other players, share your game stories, and even win prizes in contests. Must Try out Mortal Kombat: Onslaught MOD APK if you like playing 1v1 action games.