Sonic CD mod apk

Sonic CD APK Download For Android v 5.0

App NameSonic CD APK
SizeVaries with device
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024

Sonic CD Classic APK

Sonic CD APK is one of the old classics and it is now available for Android too, indicating that you can now enjoy your favorite game on your phone without any disturbance. Your mission is to save Amy Rose and defeat the evil plans of Dr Eggman of destroying the world.

Controlling Sonic and traveling to the past, present, and future in order to save the world is your ultimate task and you will have to put all your efforts in order to do so. Various bonuses and other rewards will be present on your way and you can collect them. 

Features of Sonic CD APK

Following are the features of Sonic CD APK:

  • Interesting Gameplay: Sonic CD APK features a very interesting and unique gameplay allowing players to control the main character Sonic and perish the evil enemy named Dr Eggman.
  • Sound and graphics: The traditional music and 2D graphics make this game even more fun and interesting for the players.
  • Unlock characters: Unlocking various characters by completing missions and also unlock the Miles Tails Prower.
  • Time Travel: You can now travel in the past, present, and future to save Amy Rose. 


Is Sonic CD on mobile?

Yes, Sonic CD is one of the few games in the series available for both iOS and Android. 

Is Sonic CD free?

Yes, not only is Sonic CD version 2.0 free for users, it is ad free too. 

What does Sonic CD stand for?

Sonic CD stands for Sonic in Collision Chaos which is a 2D video game series, with Sonic the hedgehog as the main character.

Is Sonic CD canon?

Yes, Sonic CD is canon since it introduced new characters like Metal Sonic and Amy, and these characters have also appeared in later series. 

How old is Amy Sonic CD?

Amy in Sonic CD is 2 years old and Sonic is of 7 years.


Sonic CD APK is one of the best video game series which is now available for Android too, and you can now play the game comfortably. Destroy the evil plans of Dr Eggman and save Amy Rose.

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