Starlink APK

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Name Starlink
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Tools
Version 2022.09.1
Size 97 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 7.0 and up

Download Starlink APK, which is providing internet connection to 40 different countries with the help of a satellite system. They claim that it is the fastest internet connection.

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Lean More About Starlink App:

  • Easy installation of the internet connection
  • Contact Support though the app
  • Access all the data regarding your usage
  • Get Alerts for the services you are using
  • Solve you internet issues just with few taps on the mobile
  • Everyone including a kid can use this app
  • See how much data you have used
  • See the internet speed you are getting

Great Internet Service

Starlink has been a great addition to the internet services. I used it and got great downloading speed. It is perfect for the places where wires can’t reach.

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