Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK v1.0.45.17304 (Menu/Gem multiplier)

App NameTalking Tom Time Rush
Size100 MB
MOD FeatureGem multiplier
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedJuly 12, 2024

What is Talking Tom Time Rush Mod APK?

Indulge into an adventurous world with Tom, Ginger, Becca, Hank, Ben, and Angela and explore the unbelievable worlds around in Talking Tom Time Rush Mod APK. Various vehicles are present which will help these characters to reach the Magic Gate. All of these friends will be unlocked since the start of the game which means that you can dive into the quest altogether.

The game is developed by Outfit7 and the user will witness the marketing of their products in the game too. Moreover, the player can boost up their speed by the power-ups available in order to avoid the enemies and reach the destination faster. 

Many Characters 

Talking Tom features a number of characters which keep on developing the player’s interest till the end. Some of them are the main character while some others are the side ones, but they all play an important role during the game. All of them will be unlocked when you start the game.

The main character in the game is Tom, who will be controlled by the player throughout. Secondly, the players will witness a white cat who is Tom’s friend named Angela. Hank is also a friend of the protagonist and is a white colored dog. Ben is also a dog and may be considered a friend too at times.

Tom has a relative too, named Ginger, who is a reddish blue eyed cat and is his nephew. Gina is a giraffe who has somewhat of a funny role and Pierre is a parrot. 

Endless Running 

The player must know prior to entering the game that an endless running experience awaits them. There isn’t anything complex in the game and the player can get accustomed to the handles quite quickly. You can help Tom catch the gold thief’s car by moving left or right or by jumping up and down.

All of these operations can be performed by a simple tap on the screen. Another essential aspect to take into account is that the journey won’t be smooth at all and the player will have to face a lot of obstacles along with many opponents. As soon as you proceed further in the game, many new locations will appear and various buildings and other structures will appear on the way. 

Earn Rewards 

Rewards serve to be one of the goals why players put too much effort into the game. As soon as you complete a mission or a task in the game, you will be rewarded with a plenty of rewards in the form of gold and other additional items.

The rewards can also be some treasure chests which contain diamonds and much more. These rewards will aid you to unlock new missions in the game and consequently, provide you with the opportunity to explore more and more. Not only this, these rewards will also aid in opening badges in Tom’s collection. 

Compete against friends 

Playing with friends is definitely more interesting than playing with friends and that is why, Talking Tom Time Rush allows players to share their in-game progress on their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram and challenge them to a competition.

Showing off your score would compel other players to score more than you and the competition continues. Moreover, if you invite your friends to play Talking Tom Time Rush, you will also be receiving some gifts from the game which makes it even more fascinating. 

Humorous gameplay

One very interesting thing to note about the game is that it presents a very humorous gameplay which serves as an excellent leisure time activity to boost up your dull day. You can do every sort of silly act here without any hesitation.

Another fun activity to do in the game is to interact with the cat and make it do various stuff. The game is divided into parts with each one having a different story and a whole new opportunity to explore around. 

Gather items

There are some special items in the game which appear time and again and the player must collect them instantly. These items will prove to be of much help for Tom. For example, there is a protective shield which grants protection to the player.

Not only this, the shield also enables Tom to go high up into the air and collect gold coins. No obstacle will appear in his way after this and the character can do whatever he wants to.

Also, obtaining gold coins becomes much easier after this and you can collect as many coins as you can to unlock other missions in the game.

Use Power-ups

Although the player can run pretty fast in the game, there are still chances that the opponents may catch you. It is for this reason that you must look for power-ups in order to boost up your performance.

These boosts include Double ingots, which double the amount of loot that you gather; magnets, which attract all the gold present nearby; helmets, which are used for protection and to avoid all sorts of unwanted situations; airplanes, which can take the player in the air and away from all the danger. This would allow players to gather all the ingots faster and easier. Keep in mind that this effect does not work together with a helmet and you can only use one at a time. 

Talking Tom Time Rush Mod Features

  • Much Money
  • Free Shopping 
  • Unlimited Gems 


Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK is a humorous game where the players can collect gold coins by warding off enemies. There are various power-ups to boost up the player’s performance and indulge into the gold rush. Talking Tom and his friends together hop on the mission to reach the Magic Gate faster.