Tekken 3 Cheat Codes For PC & PS1 – Unlocked All Characters

Get ready to become the boss of tekken 3 as we and some of the gamers together are providing you with the cheats codes and tips for the Tekken 3 For PlayStation & PC. Read out all the mentioned tricks and let us know if any cheat doesn’t work or if you want to add another one.

Tekken 3 Cheat Codes

Tekken 3 Cheats

Unlock Gon And Dr. Boskonovitch

Play from the first round in the arcade mode on easy and then from 4th to 7th round, make sure your health is left only 5 percent when you win against any enemy. If you did the same, your next opponents will be Gon And Dr. Boskonovitch. You can unlock them by winning against them.

Unlock Theater Mode

Theater Mode is a mode in which you get to see clips and movies of every character. It can be unlocked by completing the story mode of tekken 3 game at least once with any character you like. Tekken tag tournament also has theater mode.

Get New Clothes

Many of the tekken players may not know that you can also change the clothes of some of the characters in the game and here’s how you can do it: Select any player and press on the button with which you do kicking or punching, if there will an alternate costume for that character, it will be changed.

Unlock Tekken Ball Mode

Tekken ball mode is also a very famous mode in the tekken game. However, it is not unlocked in the beginning. To unlock it, you have to defeat all the characters in the arcade mode. Once you have done this, it will be automatically unlocked.

Win Easily with Yoshimitsu

Known as the leader of the Manji Clan, Yohimitsu is one of the most powerful characters in the tekken game series if used correctly. If you want to win easily with Yoshimitsu, perform his Shark Attack right in the beginning of the round. It will take all the power of the opponent with just one attack and you can easily.

Play as Tiger

In tekken 3, King is not unlocked. You have to get it unlocked by yourself and you can only do this if you can defeat all the characters in which eddy should be involved. Once you are done with it, select eddy and press on start.

Tekken 3 Characters & their Moves

  • Paul – Burning Death fist
  • Yoshimitsu – Fake Suicide, Shark Attack
  • King – Ultimate Tackle
  • Dr.B – Bio Reactor
  • Law – Dragon Fang
  • Ogre -Indigo punch
  • Kuma – Fatal Wind
  • Gun Jack – Dark Greeting
  • Lie – Phoenix kick

We have mentioned some of the famous characters from tekken 3 original game and some of their best moves against which an opponent cannot stand if performed correctly. If you learn these moves, you will be able to defeat almost every character in the game.

If you want to get rid of the process of unlocking characters, try Tekken 3 mod apk in which all the characters and modes are already unlocked and you won’t even have to start the game from the first round if you are defeated.

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