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Tekken 3 Iphone

The Tekken series is one of the finest games to ever hit the gaming platform. With its awesome character display, rich sound effects, thrilling storyline, and fast moves, this game has to be on the top list when it comes to fighting games. Tekken 3 has to be one of the best among all the tekken series, though the space for improvements is always there. Tekken 3 IOS accentuated more due to the interconnectedness of the storyline and the hierarchy of characters that was depicted in here. Following is a detailed guide on Tekken 3 and how to download it for IOS platforms.

Storyline of Tekken 3 IOS

The story of Tekken 3 begins with Jun Kazama who has been living in Yakushima with his son Jin, and father Kazuya. The Tekken force was established by Heihachi Mishima which led to various events, responsible for keeping peace in the region. However, the story takes a turn when the members of the Tekken force were attacked by some unknown identity individuals, which were later identified to be following someone named Ogre or a Fighting God.

In a series of events, various mysterious things happen, like the disappearance of many forms of martial arts from the world. Heihachi has the slight idea that who is behind all this and his long lost dream of world domination is ignited. He pursues his journey of finding the villain to erase all evils.

Tekken 3 Gameplay

The Gameplay of Tekken 3 is very much similar to the previous versions of Tekken, although with time come new improvements. This game has far better graphics and fluidity in its gameplay than was depicted in the previous series of Tekken, and it is because of this reason, Tekken 3 is still highly appreciated and mesmerized all across the globe. If we take into consideration the sound effects of the game, there is no doubt that the music is always on point and makes the game more interesting.

Tekken 3 emphasized more on the third axis, making the characters look a bit more realistic. Another advancement that took place was in the movements of the players as the characters now made reasonable and realistic moves, instead of the illusionary long heights jump made in the previous series of the game.

New Modes in Tekken 3

Two new modes were introduced in the game, making the players fall in love with the new addition. 

  • Tekken Force: This was a short mode which appeared in Tekken 3 but later disappeared in Tekken 4. You have to unlock this mode yourself by showing Mukojin at the character selection screen and then press X or circle. At the end of this mode, you will find a boss character from the playable roster. Boss varies in every stage, except in the 4th stage where the boss is Heihachi Mishima.
  • Tekken Ball: As the name of this mode indicates, the player will be playing with a beach ball in this game mode. You will be provided with the option to choose from 3 balls, you don’t have to unlock any of these balls, though the mode itself needs to be unlocked. There are three stages of the balls, beginner, expert and grand master. Beach Ball is for the first priority as it does only 60% damage, Gum Ball blows a damage of 80% and is for experts, and the last category ball is Grand Master, successfully damaging 100% of the opponent’s health.

Moves in Tekken 3

Some special moves which were introduced in Tekken 3 were; Sliding Dash A when running three or more steps, sliding into your enemy’s legs, flying into your enemy etc. The later moves could become a killer one if performed by Yoshimitsu or King. Make sure you practice these killer moves before challenging anyone into a match, as they will prove to be of much help in winning the game.

Jin Kazama is considered to be the most powerful in Tekken 3 and learning his moves could take quite some time, however mastering Jin’s moves can make you a pro in this game. Gon and Dr. are both locked characters and you have to unlock them and further proceed to learn their moves.

Features of Tekken 3

Following are some of the many features provided by the Tekken 3 game series:

  • Realistic Gameplay: The game is hyper realistic. The player feels as if he is actually the part of the game, making it more intense and gut wrenching.
  • Intense Storyline: Most of the fighting games involve mere fighting of two players which can lower the fun after a passage of time. However, Tekken has a great storyline with each character linked to the other through a proper background story.
  • Fluid Movements: The character movements in Tekken series are very fuid and avoid unrealistic long jumps as were performed by players in previous versions of the game.
  • Sound effects and graphics quality: The sound effects are always to the point and according to the situation. The 3D graphics are an addition to all these features.
  • For all platforms: The most annoying problem faced by the gamers was that Tekken 3 was only for PlayStations. However, we offer this game for both android and iOS to make it more fun and the users can cherish their childhood memories through this. 
  • Combo Moves: The Tekken series has some amazing combo and killer moves which regular fighting games usually lack.

FAQs: Related to Tekken 3 IOS

How can I download Tekken on IOS?

Yes, downloading the file isn’t that much of a task. You need to download a PPSSPP emulator for it.

Can I play Tekken 3 on mobile?

Tekken 3 can be played on mobile by downloading Tekken 3 APK File but it requires an emulator called ePSXe, which is a PlayStation emulator.

Is Tekken removed from the Play store?

Yes, the Tekken 3 game has been officially taken down from the play store or maybe it was never on the play store.

How to download Tekken 3 on IOS?

Following steps will be helpful in downloading the game on iOS:

  • Click the link for Tekken 3 ISO Zip folder to download it on your phone.
  • Download the PPSSPP Emulator as it will scan the BIOS file.
  • Tap on Run game.
  • Find the ISO file in the downloads section and load it to play the game smoothly.

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