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Tekken Tag Tournament Apk

Tekken Tag Tournament is a combo fighting game that people used to play on PC and consoles. There are many other fighting or action game on the stores like Mortal Kombat Mod Apk and Shadow Fight 4 Mod Apk, but there’s no competition to the Tekken game. Any Tekken game is not present on the stores like Google Play Store and App Store as the official developer has not worked on the mobile version of Tekken. That is why we are providing you with the Tekken Tag Tournament Apk file, which just needs to be installed on your phone. There’s no need for any emulator to play it. You can also check out our article on Tekken 3 Apk, which is one of the most famous games from the series of Tekken. In this article, we will be specifically talking about Tekken Tag Tournament Apk. So, let’s jump to its gameplay first.

Tekken tag tournament apk

Gameplay of Tekken Tag Tournament Apk

Playing the Tekken games is easy now as compared to the old times when people used to install it on PC and bought tokens to play it on the gaming machines. Now you can play Tekken Tag Tournament on mobile phones and tablets with just a tap. Before, the Tekken games were played with physical controls beside the screen. Now, the controls are on the screen of the mobile, but the players will still not have any difficulty while playing as the controls are fixed or adjusted on the screen in such a way that they will easily get used to it after 2 or 3 matches. Tekken Tag Tournament has all the characters from Tekken 3. However, few of the characters are not present in this game like Gon and Dr.B which were introduced as guests in Tekken 3. 

Characters: There are many characters in the game such as bruce, lee, Julia, Yoshimitsu, Nina, Paul, eddy, ogre, mokujin and many others.

Boss Fight: There are a total of 8 stages in the classic mode. Each stage gets difficult as the number goes up. The 8th stage is the last stage, where you will meet the boss. This boss can be any character from the game.

Special Moves: There are a limited number of controls on the screen of your device while playing Tekken Tag Tournament, but you can perform special moves by using a combination of the buttons.

Tekken tag tournament apk download

How to Download Tekken Tag Tournament Apk on Android:

  • First of all, see if your device is compatible for the Tekken Tag Tournament to avoid any issue or error problem.
  • Download the Tekken Tag Tournament Apk File from the link given above.
  • Now install the file named “Tekken Tag Tournament Apk”, after allowing the necessary permissions.
  • The installation will take few seconds.
  • After the game is installed, you can enjoy playing the game without any emulator.

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  1. […] Tekken 3 is the most famous and most loved action-fighting game. This third part of the Tekken series in 1998 for the PlayStation and got very famous as no fighting game was released before with such amazing graphics and a multiplayer mode. As people started loving playing Tekken 3, it was later released for other platforms. One can also use emulators to play Tekken 3. Today is the world of mobile gaming, and games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile are having millions of downloads. So people also wanted to play Tekken 3 on mobile. Unfortunately, the company did not make any mobile version of the game, and it has not been officially released on any of the mobile stores. However, some of the developers finally managed to make the mobile version of Tekken 3 and release a highly compressed version of Tekken 3 unofficially. In this article, we will talk about Tekken 3 with a size of only 35 MB.  Also, Check out our article on Tekken Tag Tournament Apk. […]

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